Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Apr 7, 2005

very beautiful model! holy shit! yeah, the machines seemed off somehow. would have loved to seen her showing off her amazing body on the sybian.

Fucking Machines
Apr 2, 2005

good shoot. thanks for adding that guys.

Fucking Machines
Mar 31, 2005

the model was nice, but not for fucking machines! too giggley.

Fucking Machines
Mar 20, 2005

great shoot, looks like you guys are back on track! one complaint however...in clip 15(i think) she has a brilliant orgasm, but throughout it's entirety the camera only shows the dildo moving in and out of her. many of us would agree we like to see the model's facial expression, and bodies writhing during orgasms. you do show all of her during her second one in clip 16 though.

Fucking Machines
Mar 10, 2005

the saving grace of this clip was cassie's amazing sexiness. kudos to her!!!! i appreciate the barn or doctor's office background, but this guy acting a like a cop could have ruined it completely. please don't have acting again. please.

Fucking Machines
Feb 10, 2005

the last few shoots have seemed less dynamic. who will step forward and be the new trixie or cowgirl? and where is the jade marx/shannon kelly shoot?

Fucking Machines
Dec 30, 2004

what is a sound fucker?

Fucking Machines
Dec 15, 2004

wow! how did i overlook this one? really great!

Fucking Machines
Dec 9, 2004

great shoot! so orgasmic, i really loved it.

Fucking Machines
Dec 7, 2004

if you don't have anything nice to say, shut the fuck up!! anyway, shannon takes the crown in this one. that first scene is amazing!!! bravo!!

Fucking Machines
Nov 3, 2004

amazing shoot! nice work! please get roxanne on a f.m. shoot! what beautiful orgasms!!!

Wired Pussy
Nov 2, 2004

"bada bing bada boom, i got a slut in the room"? why do you have men in these shoots? more importantly, why do they say stupid shit like that?

Fucking Machines
Sep 29, 2004

fantastic!! thank you for being barefoot finally!! you reign supreme!!

Fucking Machines
Sep 8, 2004

the sybian was designed to be versatile. this shoot was great, but never never never let a model wear sneakers. i can't think of anything less sexy. glad to see she was finally barefoot. abduction and kidnapping? who's fantasy is that?

Fucking Machines
Sep 13, 2004

do the lesbian website!!!! now!!!!!

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