Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

Comments made by Tsippor

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Oct 17, 2008

Berlin is great. Hot, tough, and charming. Great dynamic and pacing.

Mar 5, 2008

So cool to see this match from behind the scenes.

Behind Kink
Mar 4, 2008

Thanks. Quite helpful.

Kink University
Jan 23, 2008

Simply Fantastic.

Dec 19, 2007

Good match. I look forward to seeing more of Samantha - and I have always looked forward to seeing Vendetta. When Vendetta said, "Can't say dyke with a mouth full of pussy", I laughed so hard (pun not intended - but accepted.)

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 24, 2006

What can I say? Two of my favorite wrestlers and a lot of fingering. Wonderful.

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 4, 2005

I love this match. For me the sportsmanship adds a lot to my enjoyment of what is a very hot match. I am a fan of both wrestlers and even more so after this match. Can't wait to see you both again next season.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 21, 2005

An incredible match. Both of you have amazing amazing skills. Watching the match, I felt a bit like the Wright brothers watching the space shuttle. Not sure I understand all of the moves and countermoves but definately impressed by them. Kudos to you both. I loved round 4 to. What can I say - I just like beautiful women giving and getting orgasms.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 19, 2005

I liked this match especially round 4. Not just because it was 2 of my favorite wrestlers either. I liked Jade's hands held up behind her back while still leaving Dragon Lily's hands free to swat at will. A 3rd person in the ring during round 4 isn't something that should be in every match but it does make for an interesting change up in my opinion at least. Also the close up of Jade's face was hot Jade, I think you earned every toughness point (and the A for effort.)

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 13, 2005

I love this match. Now that Shannon is coming back for season 3 I am hoping for a rematch. I don't care who wins or loses as long as they both have fun again ^.-

Ultimate Surrender