Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jun 13, 2014

This 2 part series is by far my favorite shoots on the site. I hope there are many more parts with many more beautiful ladies.... Maybe Marica can escape and be captured by the same hunter as Casey Calvert? The extra emphasis on story and production value really help push this over the top. The only thing missing was seeing Marica get captured, but you can't do it all in one shoot. Really hope you continue this series or at least make more story centric shoots(as I said last time, seeing a woman captured and broken is extremely appealing)

Sex And Submission
Jun 3, 2014

I know I'm late but I wanted to say this has to be my favorite shoot on this site! Both of the models are beautiful but it's the premise/execution that did it for me here. There's a lot of sexyness in a woman being 'broken' and 'trained'. I like what they do over at the training of O(training submissive women to be good slaves), but I prefer things like this. It would be awesome if you all could make a site about that concept(using the setup of this apocalypse storyline would be a good framing device for a number of shoots). Anyway, just had to say how much I enjoyed this shoot and I can't wait to see more!

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Mar 22, 2014

By FAR one of my favorite shoots ever produced by the site. I'll admit the thing with the head cone at the end was a bit silly but overall I enjoyed this update immensely and hope to see the site do more with this concept/fetish.

Sex And Submission
Mar 2, 2014

I really liked this shoot. The story line was a lot of fun and the girls were pretty as always. I wouldn't mind seeing a follow up to this shoot. A continuation of our "victims" stories about life as a pet. Just a thought, keep up the good work.

Sex And Submission
Dec 24, 2012

I like the site but the last few updates have a little lite on the kink.

Animated Kink
Nov 29, 2012

Rejoined for this shoot and wasn't disappointed... I particularly like the position in the last scene.

May 20, 2012

This was a brilliant update. I'm very much a fan of these chastity updates however i do have one suggestion. In all of them so far(to my recollection) the scenes have jumped from the girls being captured to being in chastity... I would really like to see the struggle of the belt being put on them(with or without things stuffed inside them already). Either way these updates have been great! The ladies in this are very hot and very into the scene.

Whipped Ass
Feb 26, 2010

I have to say i am enjoying my subscription to this site so far... One thing i would like to see more of is body writing humiliation. Excellent update overall.

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