Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Nov 28, 2005

One of your best. Good to see a girl in proper pain, thanks to Isis and her wonderful cruelty. Please let her be even more sadistic in future. The scene on the bedframe was beautiful.

Wired Pussy
Nov 9, 2005

Great to see Isis again - I love her menace, cruelty and lack of compassion. To my mind there should be more of her attitude on the site: more pain and less pleasure for the models. Why should they get to cum and enjoy themselves seemingly more then their mistress? - after all, their purpose is to please Isis, Donna etc, not the other way round! Also I liked the increase use of a gag and the tit bondage (a flogger applied to tightly bound tits can work wonders!) Lovely fucking scene, and nice to see Isis squirt, but somehow Christina didn't seem to be in nearly enough pain.

Wired Pussy
Aug 29, 2003

I don't much go for the silicone tits either. I think Cowgirl could have tied them up and then stuch needles into them - what a scene that would be!!

Whipped Ass
Jul 22, 2003

A really great little movie with two beautiful girls. Such a shame that chanta chose to cover her lovely body for some of it, but the fucking scene was one of the best. Also I loved the bit when chanta clamped Carly's cunt open but wish we could have had that in close up - she could have caned her a bit harder then too. I agree with bubbo - can't you combine your sites a bit more, or have one sub to pay for more than one site?