Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Sep 27, 2013

OUTSTANDING! Princess Donna was back in rare form engaging a very enthusiastic audience, saying all the right things at the right time to make this a fun shoot - much like the days of old. There was ENERGY in this production and Darling took it like a champ. Loved the voice activated device!! THANKS.

Public Disgrace
Sep 20, 2013

Now That was a GREAT audience! They were engaged, having fun and seemed genuinely into the poor girl's treatment for a change. Their reactions are what make or break PUBLIC DISGRACE at times. If they don't react it's just a sex scene. Vicki was AWESOME! Loved her performance. I also liked the idea of Donna doing a warm up and the girl sneaking off to the bathroom - very nice idea. The only part that I wish you would have edited out was all the info about what the audience could and couldn't do - knowing all that as a viewer is like learning that Santa Claus is fake. Yes, these are important but details like that should be kept secret known only to the performers. Having it "out there" ruins the fantasy.

Public Disgrace
Sep 11, 2013

What a GREAT storyline! I was into the scene even before the action started in the lavatory. Veronica was very believable as a sex addict and the variety of locations/sets in this shoot only added to the quality. Great fantasy story emphasis as well as good performances by all made this an outstanding update. Loved the straightjacket by the way - nice touch!! THANKS!

Hardcore Gangbang
Aug 31, 2013

Luna was hot and the sex scenes were good as far as visually well done. Luna was great to look at but my gosh everyone else in the shoot looked bored as hell - sorry to say even Princess Donna. Just another day on the job I guess. Can your participants put a little energy and excitement into what they are Doing? It would make for a much more satisfying product. This should be FUN seeing an attractive girl put through her paces. Most of the time the guys just stood around waiting for direction.

Public Disgrace
Aug 28, 2013

Excellent! I enjoyed that very much. LOVED the story (it's been a while since a story was as much a part of the shoot as the gang bang itself - THANK YOU) The idea of a down on her luck girl panhandling for change was a nice touch. Penny Jean was great playing the part of a reluctant girl caught up in a HCGB. Even the chase was nice. I for one loved the reluctant BJ portion of the shoot. Good tension, nice camera work, great performers.

Hardcore Gangbang
Aug 24, 2013

Evi Foxx is cute as a button and the sex was great and she was fun to watch. Very nice. I think however that I must agree with Igmec, this shoot wasn't Public Disgrace it was public sex (not a bad thing but it misses the supposed theme of the site which many of us are hoping we will see each week.) It's not really "disgraceful" if the model PERFORMS (smiling all the time enjoying the crowd, showing off, etc) as opposed to being embarrassed, humiliated or otherwise put in situations that the crowd isn't expecting. I guess what I am saying is that there is an expectation of many fans (not all) that the site stick with the THEME every once in a while - please. That said this shoot was fun - just not what I hoped for.

Public Disgrace
Aug 21, 2013

Christall was adorable and the action was quite nice and well photographed. Great improvement over previous week. The only negative and this is quite minor was the language barrier. Since English was obviously an issue for some the shoot was mostly non-verbal so any added humiliation and tension from dialog was lost. Still the scene was excellent and I thank you and all the performers for a wonderful shoot.

Hardcore Gangbang
Aug 18, 2013

It looks like all the A-list talent has left Princess Donna's sites and headed over Matt William's place. I say this not to belittle any specific performer (male or female) but to point out that the product being delivered lately at either HCGB or Pub D.(performers, scene setting, fantasy set-up and action script, etc.) is nowhere near the standard previously enjoyed by us all. Oh there may be some that LOVE everything that is released but are there enough people like that to keep the sites going? PLEASE go back to what works.

Hardcore Gangbang
Aug 9, 2013

Uninspired. I agree with hyrrah. What's so engaging for us as viewers about walking in the door and immediately slapping her tits and just on cue customers walk in and react as if they are expecting to see what they see. The sex is mechanical and no one seems to be having fun and certainly Terra does act or appear disgraced. It's like you guys are following the same formula week after week and I can almost predict what action comes next. It appears like nobody is putting any effort into the scenes anymore (last week's creative box was an exception.) As a loyal supporter I'm begging you, PLEASE study your older shoots and get some idea of what used to work so well for you.

Public Disgrace
Jul 27, 2013

Ranie was pretty but this scene couldn't have been any more boring. The SILENCE throughout the entire shoot (except for the occasional half-hearted "uh, uh" from Ranie) was enough to put me to sleep. It was as if EVERYONE including you Princess was bored. The was no energy. NOBODY including all those macho dudes even seem to like what they were doing. The store was a nice backdrop but the performers let you down. I must say with all sincerity and no offense meant, this site has lost it's creativity these last several weeks. Please, Princess put some energy and effort back into this place. Go back your earlier shoots to see what I mean.

Public Disgrace
Jul 20, 2013

GREAT storyline, well performed and thoroughly well directed. More wonderful storylines like this would be Marvelous. I can see why this is a featured shoot.

Sex And Submission
Jul 13, 2013

I admire Penny for her talent and her abilities and appreciate what she went through for this shoot. That said, the shoot itself didn't rate very high with me as it was the same formula as last week only a different location. The shoots of late aren't very imaginative and lack that "excitement" and "energy" of that spontaneous humiliation,audience engagement and reaction that made this site the best of the genre of disgrace and humiliation. The fantasy of seeing someone put through their paces and disgraced in front of an amateur or genuinely excited crowd is as much a part of the fun for me as just watching a model have sex. It's the setting and theme, the audience engagement and the fact that they are realistically enjoying the model's predicament is paramount. When the participants appear to all act like pros you've lost that energy and tension in your shoot. Scenes on a real location with a combination of Kink personnel and real non-pro observers works better than a backroom at the armory all the time. Just my opinion.

Public Disgrace
Jul 10, 2013

EXCELLENT! I was thrilled from the very first unexpected face slap (from her facial expression she was really taken by surprise and shocked!) to the facials at the end. Usually I prefer some fantasy theme or buildup prior to the action but this shoot was so well acted by everyone I couldn't have been more pleased. Sandra was awesome! THANK YOU!

Hardcore Gangbang
Jul 9, 2013

Unimaginative and more appropriate for Upper Floor perhaps than Public Disgrace. Shoot seemed overly choreographed almost like following a sex formula and lacked that certain something that made it seem spontaneous and interesting. Sorry guys but the last few shoot haven't even come close to your previous high standards.

Public Disgrace
Jun 27, 2013

Bound Gangbangs was the BEST site Kink EVER produced PERIOD! No insult to Hardcore Gangbangs as it serves a purpose but nothing KINK has EVER produced before or since can compare with this site. Bound Gangbangs had everything going for it - great scripts, superb acting, bondage, reluctant gangbang sex oh, and did I say BONDAGE? It's a pity this site was scrapped. Just my two cents in the hopes that maybe the powers that be might bring it back.

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