Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Apr 28, 2012

AWESOME! Part 2 was worth the wait. Best Line in the movie by Princess Donna: "Do you know why she gets kisses and you get spit in the face? . . . cause you're whores and she's a present!" Gawd, I love that line!! Best scene (one of many): Princess Donna's licking birthday cake off a slave's ass. SUCH ENTERTAINMENT! Wisk I was there! Thank you!

Public Disgrace
Apr 25, 2012

Shoot itself was nice and Princess Donna was an unexpected bonus!!! My only comment - and this is NOT meant as an insult to any kink member but as a reflection of a personal preference and a constructive suggestion - but when the amount of ink (tatoos) approaches or exceeds the amount of naked skin in a shoot it is a total turn off. Some ink is chic and interesting but when models are covered in excess it's gaudy. They might as well be wearing clothes. One slave heavily marked among others that are not might be better than having most all slaves overly marked in the same shoot. Otherwise this was a good shoot. Thanks.

The Upper Floor
Apr 15, 2012

Cassandra was awesome!! She wanted her limits pushed and you did a marvelous job granting her request! I loved the laundry cart bondage scenes as well as the use of the dryer. It always amazes me how you guys can take something so simple and creative apply it to public humiliation! THAT'S what makes Public Disgrace so different from all the rest of the wannabes out there.

Public Disgrace
Apr 7, 2012

AWESOME . . . simply AWESOME! Sandra was great in the naked walk - her eyes told the story - fear, excitement, apprehension and anticipation. The naked crawl along the boulevard was priceless! Just when I think you guys have done it all you come up with yet another great shoot! I especially loved the completely NAKED post-shoot interview. I loved the dialog between Princess Donna and Sandra. It was candid and endearing. Princess Donna, you always seem to think on your feet and know just what to say - even when Sandra threw you a few curves in her responses.

Public Disgrace
Mar 30, 2012

AWESOME shoot! Remy was cute as a button and the party guests were great. I've always looked forward to your birthday shoots as they are usually something special. The only problem I see is that all your birthday presents came already unwrapped! Don't you like unwrapping presents? LOL Thanks for a marvelous gift to all of us. Looking forward to Part 2!!

Public Disgrace
Mar 24, 2012

This video alone was worth the price of membership!! I loved Noah stripped and helpless in front of such a mixed gender crowd - something that to me added (not detracted) from the humiliation and excitement of the scene. Folsom is indeed a unique event but I'd love to see more of a mixed audience now and then - just to add variety and tension. Noah's handlers were awesome and I also hope to see more of them too!

Bound in Public
Mar 16, 2012

Birthday cake was a nice touch and, as usual, Princess Donna, you kept things intersting. You always seem to know just what to say and the right time to say it to keep the action moving. It's a gift you have to be sure!

Public Disgrace
Mar 10, 2012

Loved Chastity - very cute! The patrons of the bar were interested in the poor girl's treatment and were very engaged which made the whole shoot great. Nicely done!!

Public Disgrace
Mar 8, 2012

sev2009 said "When I ask myself why, I think it's that the "audience" / "participants" don't feel truly empowered. Except for a couple of them, they feel very hesitant, shy... they don't speak up (most of the voices you hear from the shadows come from men) I would like to see them talking directly to the sub, looking at her and saying what they think of her, I would like them to be more active." I couldn't have said it better!! The amount of dead silence in this shoot was a killer to this production. The audience doesn't have to shout and yell to be engaged but they can AT LEAST CONTRIBUTE to the action either, as you have said, but talking to the model or with their facial expressions and laughter or showing they are ENJOYING what is going on -doing SOMETHING anyway to show they are interested and contributing in a direct or indirect way to the humiliation and disgrace of the scene. Otherwise they appear as window dressing. It's different in an outdoor shoot as the "crowd's" actions are genuine and unpredictable but in a CONTROLLED environment like the armory there should be a better response.

Public Disgrace
Mar 3, 2012

I too was disappointed - NOT with the concept of an all girl shoot as one of your best shoots has been an all girl shoot with with Ariel-X 6/5/2009 in a lesbian bar. THIS shoot with Melissa was boring and "routine." Lost was the amateur feel and audience excitement and tension. The crowd was subdued and appeared that they couldn't await until the end of the shoot. It was as if everyone was "going through the motions" just to get the shoot overwith. Even the very attractive particpants seemed to "not enjoy" humiliating this girl. In the end what came across for me was garden variety porn available anywhere on the net. I liked the concept of the shoot but pulleeze coach your participants a bit more if you are going to involve such high-end actors. If what they are doing is just a job perhaps they need to find another line of work. As a long member and supporter I don't think this was up to your usual standard.

Public Disgrace
Feb 18, 2012

Love the mix of OUTDOOR and INDOOR venues. There's something for everyone that way. Excellent shoot!

Public Disgrace
Feb 11, 2012

Really great shoot. Jessi was wonderful and very cute. I loved the blonde that fondled Jessi in the beginning - would love to see more of her in future shoots. The audience was engaged, interested and active with a good mix of people. It was clear that Jessi pushed herself and I loved her for it! There was definite, imaginative humiliation and this shoot had all the elements that makes PD great!!

Public Disgrace
Feb 4, 2012

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! Great balance between outdoor and indoor scenes. I loved the sex shop humiliation and really thought the last outdoor scenes with the crowd laughing and posing with Samia for pictures was AWESOME! This shoot was humiliating and yet playful all at Samia's expense. Princess Donna and James shoving her back and forth as they walked her naked along the sidewalk was a nice touch. LOVED the handcuff naked walk among the crowd too. EXCELLENT!! THANK YOU!!

Public Disgrace
Jan 28, 2012

Nice shoot and the audience was active and engaged. But I agree with playnice112000, the only thing that detracted from making this a good shoot was the model's often bland and overly professional "it's my job to say this" uttering of her "lines" as a response to others. Of course all Kink models are paid professionals but some are outstanding in their ability to "play the part" without looking and acting like they are "playing the part." Gia, although very attractive, clearly isn't in that group and that took away from the enjoyment I think. Gia is clearly a talented model and the scenes were well presented. Just a suggestion but if in selecting the model for an upcoming shoot and based on her previous work it is clear that a model may come across as "just doing her job" when she speaks it might be better for her not to say anything at all. Sometimes silence and screaming is better than awkward dialog. Just giving thoughtful feedback.

Public Disgrace
Jan 13, 2012

WOW! Sara's outside scenes were hot!I can just imagine what it must have felt like to be her as she was paraded around. Thanks very much for catering to those of us that LOVE both the outside as well as inside shoots. Each type brings something different to the table and believe me no one does outside shoots better than P.D!!!

Public Disgrace