Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 18, 2004

Great site! Models are terrific, as they almost always are. The quality of the acting is improving. The quality of your sets and filming have GREATLY improved. LOVE the great bondage, and I would always prefer the models gagged. The sets with men dildoing the bound and gagged models, and females using strapons on them, are just great. This new idea is working out well. I agree with the poster about it being best if you could restrict each video to one girl or situation, and not jump around, etc. My personal preference is for "STAGED/FANTASY" "abduction/kidnapped/rape" type scenes, but I emphasize that I am not into anything at all that is not 100% consensual, between/among fully competent adults, and done with knowledge and a focus on safety, as I am sure all we see here is.

Dec 20, 2003

OK...I do not usually comment, but I appreciate your being the one place that is truly serious about accepting and reacting to member feedback. As for this set, it is fine, and I think there is good potential about doing this in other sets, with one model, transporting the abductee(s), selling one or more into slavery, and on and on. Your models are fantasic!!! And the imagination and "bondage" of your sets is as good as it gets in legitimate sets. I do wish that the guy in the set would be more "into it", a better actor, and facilitate the showing of the bondaged model, moreso than distracting my attention towards him. *Grin* Some of your other viewers may be "into" men, but this one is here solely for your beautiful models in bondage, and some of the older sets, with some ugly guy sliding all over on his butt with a camera were almost enough to make me give up on you. But it has improved, and truly have to tip my hat to the site and to the models.

Sep 8, 2002

The model is excellent! My appreciation to her! As for your photo sets, you use GREAT models, you do bondage the way I like it, and you are running over with original ideas. However, to balance that, my prime criticism is that you take numerous pictures between which only a meticulous expert could detect any difference, and your photos and videos could use a step up in quality.