Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jun 7, 2012

Firstly, your either going to love this or hate it! I personally loved it and I definitely want to see more of these super hero bondage features! I just love the idea that proud strong women are subdued and reduced to quivering sex-slaves and bondage whores. I'm glad that Matt left Kink on a high note! Too bad it's his swan song! His work is epic! Are there any plans by kink to commission more of these features with super heroes as slaves? If so I think aspects of the other sites could be incorporated into the scenes. For example using Maitress Madeline as a the main villain (because she is harsh on subs and dialogue is her thing) who captures and torments the heroine or even a captured male hero could be used to degrade the female super babe by forcing them to fuck. I think James Deen and Mark Davis would be perfect as villains given their skills as Doms. The plot was great and the costumes and special effects were brilliant! Lilly was so cute in hers while Darling's body looked awesome in white, but when she was all oiled up and suspended and forced to cum I shot a load! I disagree that the gas masks were a mistake in that it dehumanises the sub and added to the dominance of the bad guys! The whole thing worked and that's down to the entire cast! Congrats. Lee's physique suited the role as the villain's main enforcer and I hope to see more of him in the next super hero movie. I think a bound gangbang type scene would be great in these features. My only gripe with these features is the tameness of the fucking (i.e. no anal or DP) in either this movie or the earlier 'Americana' feature was lacking and I think Maitress, James and Mark would bring a hardcore element to this genre. In my comment on the 'Americana' feature I recommended that elements of device bondage be incorporated into the next feature and I'm glad to see that the restraints and power tools were incorporated into this new feature. It would be great if a squirting, DP friendly model could be incorporated into the next feature and that electricity could be used as torture! Kind regards, and I very much hope S&S will be the new home for this type of comic book inspired kink.com feature.

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Jul 27, 2011

First of all I want to say congratulations to everyone involved with this production at hogtied it was a really positive development. I really enjoyed the whole super-heroine concept being humiliated and dominated, I don't know why but it must have something to do with all those childhood days looking at comics and TV shows like Wonder Woman and Bat Man! Scene 1: I loved Isis's and Princess Donna's role as the 'Lab Rats' and their scene was really animalistic and it reminded me of an Ultimate Surrender type scene mixed with their . Scene 2: I loved it when the first masked guy burst in to the padded cell as Riley's character realized her fate. Riley Rey's performance as the kidnapped innocent was highly believable but I would have liked an O-ring in her mouth first off as it would have added to the Violation. Oh and she has a super HOT body to-boot too! Scene 3: OMG Christina was born to wear that outfit for us! Kudos on the fight scene and blood spatter by the way. The best aspect of this scene was when the good Doctor (AKA Matt) taunted Americana for her abject failure to save Riley which had to hurt! And in this situation I totally understand why Christina was restrained and forced to watch and not penetrated. In terms of a model being tied up and helpless nobody and I mean No-body does it better than Christina does. If Christina's legs had been spread then Riley in her aroused state could have munched on American's twat forcing her to enjoy it. Scene 4: I always enjoy the bottomless chair as a restraining device it is highly effective and I whish I had one. Suspending Christina as you did was a work of art and the insertion of the dick on a stick with a Hitachi was going in the right direction, but! Then you decided to concentrate again on Riley and not on Christina. I was hoping for a gang bang focused on Christina or a least some pussy whipping with that little black flogger you have Matt. I realize that Christina prefers soft bondage but it would be nice if she would go that little bit extra next time. I saw online that Christina said she just did a shoot where she pee-d while in Americana costume! Care to comment on that Matt? Sounds class! Finally I do hope you make more of the super hero features and that you can introduce elements of the other sites like electricity and female evil characters like Maitress Madeline or Felony's Bitch Cop character from WippedAss. 4 out of 5 stars for this movie due to the lack of punishment to American and I can't wait to see the next installment.

May 23, 2011

WOW! this mini movie really has it all! 1. Pissing, 2. Big juicy tits, 3. Stylized R*#E fantasy play, 4. Rope and Duct-tape Bondage, 5. Gangbang, 6.DP, 7. Spanking I really loved the scenario of the hot babe been forced to use a rather filthy looking toilet! It's probably the worst predicament a woman can find herself in (well it is for my wife anyway), and to see Candy hovering over the bowl and pissing had me enthralled from the start! Candy's acting skills have to be commended too, as the look of disgust on her lovely face was highly believable and added to the shoot. I loved how the men just swarmed on her and began the gangbang proper with forced BJ's and some hard slaps on Candy's fine butt. I would have liked a large BBC in the shoot. It would have been cool if she told her boyfriend that she was being gangbanged in the ass and she liked it! With a split screen conversation with him would have been a nice touch! Overall it's a fantastic shoot and well worth the Kinks!

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May 6, 2011

Such a sexy woman! I really enjoyed that! esp the ass fingering!

Mar 2, 2011

This really ticked all the boxes for me! The helpless nature of the possition, the dick on a stick and ariel is so hot! rocked! and she really got off on it too! But i do wonder why she has only done 3 shoots please bring her back matt! Thanks for the great shoot! i think this is the first shoot were nobody gives out! that it didn't adress their own kink!

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