Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

Comments made by K_yan

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Aug 18, 2011

Stunning girl, but steve you take the ball gag out straight away....EVERY TIME! it's there for a reason!

Sex And Submission
Apr 5, 2011

Just once, leave the shoes and gag on for longer than one minute!

May 15, 2009

Great girl, really cute, but can we see her again with a different dom. The shoot didn't really have the atmosphere it could have had. Maybe someone that could push her a bit more.

Sex And Submission
Feb 16, 2008

Can you let the scene be about the girl for once, or structure it so you're not in the way/talking so much, the girls are the stars. On the up side it was good to see that you left her outfit on for a change instead of getting rid of it right at the start, i'm sure they pick sexy outfits for a reason.

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