Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 12, 2008

Great to see Tawni again...she was magnificent! What a tough little Hottie..I'd almost forgotten how powerful her orgasms are.Thanks for the reminder. LOVE the real time shoots.Nice to see Matt and Lew working together...and the fact that Tawni had them a bit winded ;)Super ties...great opening take down!Thanks to all. Tawni,don't be a stranger...!

Dec 2, 2008

Well,this is just a marrrvelous Update! Sasha is truly the total package festooned with a large red bow!I also am glad she wasn't gagged all the time,because her responses and interchange with you,Lochai,added so much.It was very obvious SHE was having a great time,therefore YOU were,which made it all the more exciting to watch!As a "Flogging Fiend",I thank you...from deep in that pleasure center of my brain....when Sasha asked:"Harder"...ooooh, yeeeah;) Great suspension and absolutely loved the clever use of the clover clamps.And Lochai,thanks for appreciating those beautiful breasts for us!I certainly hope Sasha will return soon and often...she is a delight (and I bet GREAT fun to play with).The camera work was superb...I enjoy hearing it being brushed against...I know we're right where we like to be! Thanks to all.Nicely done,Lochai!(Nice to see you,Matt.It must be very difficult to let go of your "Baby" ...I appreciate your dedication. Plus,having a go at Sasha might have figured into it just a little;)Much more,please?

Nov 26, 2008

What a great Update (2 Legends interacting,with the depth and skills of their talents.)Very nice to experience:)Kylie is as gorgeous and sexy as ever.I DO hope she'll return. Loved the interaction and the dialog that was going on. I also am a big fan (and Chloe too...maybe she could come along!?)and it was exxxcellent to see the "real" Kylie "cumplete" the fantasy! Thank you. Nicely done,Matt.Just the right amount of respect...yet you were still the "twisted Bastard" we all know and love. Just wonderful exchanges. Nice beam work...liked the image and can only imagine how wonderful it felt!(and I am:)Always nice to see the Big Guy and have him rewarded. Thanks to all.

Nov 23, 2008

You had your hands full on this one,Sargent Major! Nice job, though. Great when you tickled her and she climbed you like a Sequoia!And the cane on the clips...very hot! Appreciated your patience and sense of humor on this one. Liked Matt popping in to to "pop off"! Loved the competition between Amber and Kirra.I hope you'll come back, Kirra.Always great to see delectable Amber! I like rehtnueg's suggestion about asking permission when they are "quiet cummers".(I also find it very hot...asking permission;) Thanks to all.

Nov 12, 2008

EVERY girl needs a new best friend like you,Matt!!;)Two of my most favorite people in a marrrvelous Update!Charley is ...well...simply wonderful.Enjoyed the impromptu trip to DB and a chance to see Samantha and the seemingly "unflappable" Cyd.Also,I enjoy trips through the halls of the Armory.Great ties and interactions throughout. This reminds me of a Lena Ramon shoot a few years ago... another super-orgasmic model that the worst torment Matt could put her through was not allowing her to cum.(It didn't have as great of ending as this did,though...I was upset with you,Matt for a week!) As tommybel stated,Matt figures out the most diabolical tortures based on each model's strengths and weaknesses, and applies them...very effectively! One of the best moments... the tone of Matt's voice when he discovered Charley's luscious breasts were real..it sounded like:"Merry Christmas to me...a little early":)Kudos to the crew for keeping up with all the action here and giving us wonderful images of Charley.It WAS very exciting to see Matt's raging hard on..I think I would talk to Wardrobe,though,about replacing that zipper with velcro! BTW,did anyone kiss your wound for you? Thanks to all. Charley,I know we will see you often in the future,looking forward to it,you're one delightfully amazing lady!!!

Nov 5, 2008

This was"Textbook:How to Deepen Your sub"...Extraordinary!!! Karrlie,you were just magnificent...you're adorable,sexy and courageous.Thank you.Looking forward to many return visits! Matt,outstanding...perfect read& marvelous handling of an enthusiastic and very adorable model! The energy exchange between you two..and the process of building that trust was so exciting to watch.Appreciated Karrlie's sweet.. sweet pleading...and your praises when appropriate.Loved the OTK spanking,the blindfold scene was exxxcellent and of course every exciting adventure needs a "purrrrfect" ending ;) Thanks to the crew for helping us see that growth from "puppy dog eyes" to eyes sparkling with ecstasy...asking for more! Speaking of that....more,please?

Nov 2, 2008

This is a tremendous shoot! For me,Devaun is the PERFECT sub..very obedient,extremely mannerly and just the "tastiest little morsel"...oh and she's gorgeous and has some impressive oral skills also;) I also enjoyed the haircutting "threat". Mark is my fav Dom here... confident,compassionate capable and a bit of a Badass...and did I mention extremely "hunky"?(If he would only "back off" with the spitting...) Amazing cum shots.Loved the ending.Thanks to all!

Sex And Submission
Oct 28, 2008

Niiice job,Lisa!!! It was very exciting to watch a woman who is obviously so together, being "coaxed" into relinquishing control ;) "Good to go...let it flow"...words to live by!!! Matt,thanks for "utilizing" that scrumptious clit so nicely, and the crew for getting us right there! Loved that last scene with the cuffs and that wooonderful leather blindfold! (Were you on the other side of the Armory before they untied Lisa? ;)Lisa and Daphne...Matt would be smiling for a month! Lisa...I think you'll be back!Great to see you,Matt.

Oct 14, 2008

Alexa IS a beautiful,sexy tough little lady,as this shoot proved,the last 1 or 2 mm before those clips pull off are exxxxcrutiating...nicely done,Alexa!Loved the way her lovely breasts were showcased in each scene.Lochai,I like the way you have the model torment themselves for you and I really appreciate your praises for them when they succeed! Enjoyed the entire shoot...but,scene 3...the one with all the lovely leather straps(including one for a few smacks;)AND some cocksucking...thank you,thank you,thank you! I really enjoyed this Update but I'm giving it a "Good" only because I think we all need something to aspire to...;)Great job, Alexa,Lochai and all.Welcome,Lochai.It was worth the wait :)

Oct 10, 2008

OMG,Madison,you are just magnificent! The way you writhe and strain against your bounds to extract every gram of pleasure from the situation is just soooo exciting to watch. Thank you,thank you,thank you!Sargent Major,thank you for leaving the garter belt and stockings on for a bit...they are so lovely against Madison's beautiful skin. I'm not much of a "cane" fan,BUT....that clit caning to orgasm... unbefuckinglievable...sent me through the ceiling! That had to be done juuuust right...great job,Sargent Major!Thanks to the videographers for catching all of Madison's delicious little moans and closeups of those wonderful nipples and the ecstasy that absolutely radiates from her! Great Update!

Oct 5, 2008

skbischo2,four were on Hogtied(Venus was the model 2.20.04 ; 4.25.04;5.14.04 & 7.08.04) There is also at least one by the Knotty Boys on Behindkink. Hope that helps. :) There could be others.Have you inquired on the Forum?

Oct 3, 2008

I agree,I think Matt got distracted more than once by those luscious breasts...but then,who wouldn't? This was just amazing.VERY well done...really appreciated the emphasis on safety and the physical impact for the sub.Matt,you did a super job of "multi" instructional...you hit all the aspects: rigging,safety,compassion and sexual(Thanks for the "back door" hint on the Box Tie!)and kept it fun.Nice video work,let us see what exactly you were doing..and appreciated you repeating steps.Thanks for listening to your audience on our requests for these Tutorials. (And for helping Christina "finish up" ;)Christina,you're wonderful as always.Thank you for the help and for just being"You"!(..and aren't we ALL "cum whores"..? :) I can't say enough...there's something for everyone in this video. Thanks to all for the super surprise! I'd like more... please?

Sep 30, 2008

Dylan,you are so sexy and you suffered magnificently for us...and Matt's right..you DO make the most wonderful(and sensual)sounds!I also was very impressed with the "pleases" and "thank yous".Thank you for an exxxxcellent Update. I hope you come again very soon. I'm glad you mentioned your enjoyment of the caning methods in the post interviews...I was beginning to think Matt wasn't kidding when he said "I like to pleasure girls...he likes to hurt them!" Challenging ties and sounds like they were exciting for Dylan...and I certainly enjoyed her enjoyment :) Nice to see Matt again... I thought he and Damon worked well together.(I appreciated the pre-interview,my life experiences were eerily similar... and it's nice to know I 'm not the only one who discovered this "special talent" we have at an early age...found it reassuring...now,if "they" would have just left us alone... 'course then who would Matt have to sit in his chair each week? ;) Thanks to all.

Sep 16, 2008

Bridgette,you are almost too beautiful for words...love your fun personality. You were outstanding! Hope you'll return to us often...and soon! Damon,much better! LOVED the first scene...with all those lovely straps ;)...when you slowly cut her clothes away and would caress her...very hot! Also enjoy your use of manual stimulation...Bridgette does have a lovely pussy,doesn't she? And that pussy spanking to orgasm ... off the charts! Nice wicked laugh...now if you could just "engage" a bit more with the model.That will come.. unless this is your style. Interesting ties and exxcellent camera work...Bridgette was something to see:)...and you put us wherever the action was!Thanks to all.

Sep 10, 2008

Matt,often,it seems we must be typing at the same time! That message wasn't there when began...hope things are good with you.