Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 4, 2011

po2ndc1566, I think what you fail to appreciate is that this day of the shoot was intended to get into my head. It wasn't about sex, because my wonderful trainer knew that if he was to gain power over me, he would have to get into my head first. Mr. Mogul gave me the psychological domination that I required in order to gain my trust and submission. I'm not the type of submissive that gives into just anyone that beats me hard, orders me around, or calls themselves a "Dom". I wanted a REAL training experience, so he gave it to me. It may not have looked interesting to you visually, but anyone with a proper respect for the beauty of true power exchange would greatly appreciate the psychological motives behind Mr. Mogul's methods in this scene. In regards to your displeasure in my bodytype... This site offers plenty of variety. There will never be a piitn where they oly choose thicker women for certain sites on Kink, unless they decide to do a themed site like that.. So there is no use insulting the women and rating their shoots poorly because you don't think they're fat enough. That's like complaining because a model's eyes are blue, instead of brown... Or their skin color is white instead of olive.

The Training Of O
Dec 20, 2010

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on the shoot. Needless to say, I had an amazing time! It was my first gang bang ever, and it was definitely a lot more challenging than I could have imagined because of the bondage. I look forward to the new site and seeing how the ladies who have more experience with gang bangs fare with these shoots! *evil grin* To the members posting their disappointment about this being the update for this week and it not being typical public disgrace, please read covurok's post. (Thank you covurok, you made my day!) Enough people have already stated the same thing. It doesn't need to be said again... It's not like this is going to be a regular occurrence on the site, and it's pretty disrespectful to rate an entire shoot poorly because you feel it wasn't categorized properly. It was posted here because Princess Donna directed it and acted in it. We worked our asses off on this shoot to make some good porn for you and present you with an idea for a site. So, with all due respect, give us some credit for that, please! :) Again, thank you to everyone that left encouraging feedback! You guys/girls are one of the main reasons I enjoy doing what I do! xoxox! ~Seda

Public Disgrace
Dec 18, 2010

Thank you for the compliments everyone. I'm glad you're enjoying the shoot so far! I wanted to respond to the comment on markings. I concur with Rain. She hit it spot on. Plus, keep mind that each body is different with how it reacts to impact play. I mark up quite easily, and as Matt said, I'm always proud of my marks from BDSM play! Anyway, thanks again for all the positive feedback everyone!

Aug 6, 2010

I agree with rphrgdnw. :) Hot, on so many levels.

The Upper Floor
Jul 13, 2010

Thank you everyone for following me through my training! It was a life altering experience for me. If you are interested in hearing my afterthoughts on the experience, I've written about it in the forums. http://forum.kink.com/message/104877#104877 All my love~ Seda

The Training Of O
Jul 13, 2010

Madeleine is adorable. Her body and spirit is just do DIE for. James Deen was on POINT in this shoot. Hot as usual. Loved how many loads of cum she was presented with. The humiliation was pretty intense too. Bravo to all.

Public Disgrace
Jul 12, 2010

@legerdemaine I just wanted to respond to your comment quickly. Thank you for the honest feedback. The directors and models always appreciates it. In regards to the gaping, the reason you will see us putting things in and out of a gaping ass if because the anus has the tendency close quite quickly unless we do that. So in other words, in most cases, a woman cannot keep her asshole open without that sort of assistance. It's just the nature of those muscles. :) I hope that explains things. xox~ Seda

Everything Butt
Jun 25, 2010

@nopainnofun: What a wonderful comment. Thank you! It's true, I do bruise easily. However, I've been on a special diet for my spleen, stomach, and liver to try and help improve things. You'll see results soon... You know what's great? Watching this, I realized that all 3 of my orgasms were given to me using cock alone and cock with whip to warm me up!! I didn't notice that when it was happening! This marks HUGE progress for me! Yay!!

The Upper Floor
May 25, 2010

@drew1bread: You must understand that when it comes to bodily fluids, all of the people involved in these shoots MUST be AIM tested. Fingers? Fine. Toys? Fine General abuse? Fine. But if a person is not tested, then their cocks and cum is off limits to us. I'm not sure if he was tested or not, but chances are, if he wasn't involved, he probably was not.

Public Disgrace
May 23, 2010

SundayMorning: Indeed, I mispoke. I should have used the word "size" or instead of "mass". Thank you for correcting me!

The Training Of O
May 6, 2010

Sasha, dear.. You are a rare gem, and shine so beautifully. Thank you for sharing this side of you with us. Scene 1 and 2 were my favorite. Scene 1: I am so envious of Sasha for being given the opportunity to bootblack Mr. Mogul's handsome boots... let alone, lick them and fuck them. Scene 2: I cried, because of James' intelligent assessments and heavy hand, Sasha's emotion, and how I could relate with it all. Thank you!!

The Training Of O
Apr 8, 2010

Oh.. My.. *sigh* This shoot is the hottest and most volatile shoot I've seen on The Upper Floor. I've never seen James in such a good mood! *melts* So so good!

The Upper Floor
Apr 5, 2010

Hello everyone. Seda here. Thank you for the positive feedback. This first day had a major impact on me, and I am excited for you to see the following days. In addition to my thanks, I figured I would step in an respectfully respond to the boot subject. 1) The basement of the Armory is a construction zone, which means broken glass, wires, metal, chunks of wood, pieces of stone, etc. everywhere. Walking barefoot in the areas filmed is simply not an option. It would risk models getting seriously harmed, not just hurt. 2) Wearing heels, while lugging that piece of wood, or anything of such weight and mass is also not an option, as again, it puts the model at risk for serious bodily injury. 3) Leather boots of the like are rooted back to the dawn of American BDSM culture, the Leather Culture. So fitting me in such attire not only serves a practical function, but honors BDSM heritage. 4) I liked the boots because they stripped me of any sense of traditional allure and allowed me to focus on the task at hand: lugging that flag pole! :) I do hope this answers some questions and settles the issue. :) xoxox and Thank You~ Seda

The Training Of O
Mar 20, 2010

It's official Princess Donna, I now masturbate to your porn. This shoot was UNREAL hot.

Public Disgrace
Mar 4, 2010

Can I just say once again that I had an amazing time during this shoot? :) Thank you Matt, for teaching me some things about myself that I didn't know before! And @rabbit2, I'm sorry you don't like the pace of things for the live shows, but as Matt said, many people enjoy the live shoots edited this way. They like the process. I for one think it gives the viewers a stronger connection with the girls and what they go through, as well a better appreciation for what Matt and his crew do to make this site possible... What Kink does is more than just porn. :) xoxo~ Seda xoxo

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