Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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May 21, 2010

why on earth isn't his cock hard for much of the shoot?!

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Mar 27, 2010

Amazingly intense oral scenes; reminds me strongly of how I treat my girlfriend’s mouth; love the dialogue ‘imposed’ on the bitch by Derrick; love the fact that the oral sex really looks forced and that she genuinely appears to have a problem taking his cock deep into her mouth and that she has to drool and is choking quite a lot rather than like one of those professional deep throat girls who make it look far too artificial and often sound like they’re making a soundtrack for a nature programme! Love the fact that she is being made to satisfy Derrick orally without any reference to her having her preference addressed; properly submissive like an obedient whore should be; love this sort of complete domination of this slutty, bratty and otherwise fairly confident and assertive female; she has what I call a proper body too, nicely curved with well proportioned tits and a delicious looking cunt and anus (the latter of which ought to have been soundly penetrated for Derrick’s satisfaction perhaps leaving her with a well deserved anal cream pie but never mind, her other holes are clearly well used although once again in the interests of her complete domination, it would have been preferable to have seen London take the sperm directly into her mouth and she be made to hold it there and then told to swallow). Glad to see there’s no more than one unpleasantly racist comment made about London who is a deliciously sexy looking bitch. In my opinion, there is no room for prejudice within the realm of BDSM not least because many vanilla people hold prejudicial attitudes towards BDSM activities. I wholly agree with subdriver’s comments on Asian girls.

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Feb 15, 2010

fantastic shoot; Kelly really is Divine! A fantastic "real woman" look and shape rather than the rather disconcerting bubble breasts so many models feel is essential for their "art"; I especially enjoyed where she was made to voice her acceptance of her "husbands" sexual activities elsewhere, very, very horny and reinfircing the raison d'etre of this site - Submission! Brilliant

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Feb 14, 2010

I particularly enjoy this because it’s based in a realistic (although admittedly rather opulent) setting. Most of us don’t have dungeons or warehouses and I feel the more realistic the setting, the closer to people’s experience you’re likely to get and indeed the inevitably experimental viewer might be even more willing to try out ideas seen on S&S. Amber has a deliciously naïve sort of beauty (and she is a really very pretty girl with an exquisite and untanned body. She is demure and obedient and clearly enjoys what she’s being put through and her expressions and mannerisms are a sheer delight. I find some scenes where she is demeaned by doing a basic cleaning chore without using her hands quite stimulating. I love the way Steve fucks her mouth especially the first time with her arms secured. It does seem particularly degrading in that all choice is removed from her in terms of depth or movement of her mouth. The humiliation of being tied to the leather armchair with her legs spread and lips clearly hanging open and previously of having her anus held open to almost look inside was absolutely tremendous. Steve is a good Dom; he can be hard on his females but he always gives a sense of awareness of the girls’ limits. I reckon this was one of S&S’ best shoots by far

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