Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Sep 16, 2014

She's hot, had a good rope work on her, had a lot of orgasms which is good too. But! I really started missing the mental play part here on hogtied. It's kind of all mecanic and no soul in it now..

Sep 11, 2013

Great :) I love watching Darling struggling not to come and failing. That woman is an amazing one. And James although she said sje enjoyed all and she's ok with all after the shot, being able to make Darling use safe-word and making that 3 times.. Man I really am curious about where your own limits are when it comes to sadism. Apart from my curiosity you did a very fine job by turning her into a messy squirt ball. This is the first shot in a long time that didn't made me miss Matt in Hogtied. Keep up the good work :)

Mar 22, 2013

It started great however lost the touch drastically... I don't know what went wrong in the shooting but putting same scenes over and over to make the shoot look longer and not paying attention to continuity, switching from scene to scene and mixing them in the edit just made it impossible to watch and enjoy.. I get that it's the girls fantasy but it could have been a much better shot with that much talent if it had been either directed better or edited better... This was the first video I watched on this site, I hope that other videos are in better shape and I didn't just wasted money..

Hardcore Gangbang
Feb 8, 2013

Just great! This is the only shot of her that I watched so far but I can tell that she has an amazing potential to serve, to receive pain, to receive pleasure, and to do it elegantly yet alive and responsive. She is an amazing gem that needs to be shaped into perfection with training and practice by a godess.

The Training Of O
Feb 4, 2013

Good scene, good players, cutie actress, nasty end! At least for me. I just don't like to see or have spit and cum in the face...

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Jul 3, 2012

The performance was good from both of you guys however I couldn't enjoy the shot as much as I would like to.. Something was missing. And that something was in little details, timing of the angle transitions and the camera angles. I don't know if that team too has changed or not but it's different. It should have been making the person watching feel included, there, and it was like that in the past. Now it's not. So if it's a change of team may be watching old posts can make the new team get what I'm talking about. If its not a change of team then I hope its a one time thing...

Jan 2, 2012

That was a very hot scene ;) It made me wet!! She was lovely, and Mark was hot as always. I'm very happy with it. except the directors cut part. Before I read the comments while watching I said "wait a minute, this is not the same scene from a different angle. this is a different shoot" and realizing it was an act to repeat the previous scenes kind of spoiled it for me. I appreciate the effort by Mark and Kaylee on re doing the shot however it would be way better if they did another different position instead of re-shooting and having an extra camera outside the window at the same time to use that angle too. So all in all it was good but may be when you do something like this in the future you can consider having extra cameras to avoid my kind of critics.

Sep 29, 2011

That was great flexibility and great shot, great reverse prayer and hogtie. only thing missing was Rain DeGrey joining you guys instead of commenting off camera ;))

Sep 22, 2011

Yeah 5:20 it is :))

Sep 10, 2011

That was simply amazing!!! Bring Berlin back againnnnn :)) She has an amazing body, genuine responses, great personality and brains ::))))) that woman can even convert a straight one into lesbian or a gay into straight :))) I loved all the ties and all the orgasms that you ripped off her Matt :))

Sep 10, 2011

Sorry but beyond boring. Normally I don't like music in porn but this one needed some!! The girl is amazing, the ropes are purposeful and complex however the rigger is not rigging. he's just pleasing her just the way she likes. On the barrel scene she shows some acting as well to include the him but he acts like he just read a script, and he is trying to play but not sure of himself. And after shot interview shows she could do it all day long!!! she wasn't supposed to be able to say this! which means he needs a lot a loooot of practice....

Sep 10, 2011

I just loved to watch her squirm and scream :)))

Aug 30, 2011

Single word OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 4, 2011

Not big fan of watching DT but I want to see the next one!!

May 9, 2011

Live audience is good but only if they know what to do and if they are really enjoying the performance. If those two man were truly into that kind of thing they should have been rock hard before delilah reaching for them. on the other hand their non responsiveness added to the humiliation part of the scene...

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