Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 23, 2005

The hanging spreadeagle scene, with its taut bondage, excellent use of a deeply set ballgag (an all-too-rare treat), copious drool and sweat, and merciless genital stimulation combine to produce a totally outstanding scene. I cannot decide to whom I am more grateful for this work -- the model or Matt. Watching her feet try to climb up the wooden supports to find some relief made me feel like Caligula-- for a few minutes, anyway!

Aug 19, 2005

Not bad, but a little more one on one action is always better. These group sessions tend to get tedious and you lose focus. It's impossible to lose focus when it's just two people, one completely denegrating the other. I dig the whole thing, really, and, of course, some are bound to better than others, but there is starting to come a trend where it's just the girl of the week with a strap on, and none of the nuances of Fem Dom are really featured anymore. I guess this is bound to happen also, with time, but try and catch it before it completely slips away...:)

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