Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 19, 2004

Great scene. Shame this idea was canned. I would love to see Madison Blue on the site. I have no problem at all with tat's. Bring em on. I know people have complained in the past about the (like with Petal Benson's (7)) but I think they're fine. THey don't detract from the scene's at all. Also the lack of total nudity doesn't have to be a problem either... just make what she is wearing "interesting" ;-)

Jul 7, 2004

Damn! I'm 2 weeks from being deployed overseas for 6 months and NOW you start doing Orgasm denial and frustration the way it SHOULD be done! Great shoot. Lena you're great, I hope you got to cum in the end... shame we didn't get to see it, but the video was worth it all for us. Keep up the good work!! Wish I could grade this higher than 5

Jul 1, 2004

Don't wear makeup?? Darling you look gorgeous in or out of makeup, but I must say the candy apple red lips look VVV nice... a good contrast with the black ball gag. You're beautiful... keep up the good work XXX

Jun 30, 2004

Hi everyone! I've been a membre for a while but not commented yet. Darling is the BEST! I've seen her on another site and she's been worth the price of admition on her own. Great plan to bring her to hogtied. Keep up the good work everyone, and get Darling back SOON.