Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 16, 2010

I'd like to see Brynn again with some bondage mixed in, and riding a sybian. I like the way she wiggles, and it would be even hotter if she couldn't get away.

Fucking Machines
Oct 24, 2009

I can definitely see her on Everythingbutt as a possible Honeycomb Honey, and on FM with a wild DP on a sybian. Here, you'd get to tie and tease her. Seems she's flexible enough for some spread ties, maybe some cat 5s.

Oct 10, 2009

Have you booked her yet? Or already? She's a squirmer, and she got wet fast I can see strappado, tit torture, lots of possibilities.

Sep 5, 2009

Hmmm...an escape wiggler, wanting to get away. Definitely a candidate for the y-frame. Might be a grinder if she's getting spanked and the ropes allow it. Should be interesting for a return.

Aug 30, 2009

Hey Lochai, did you book her yet or just go straight to a shoot? You gotta get her back...and her front. I'm a squirmer fan. Maybe tie her in bungee square, or a hammock with the vibrator and let the squirming commence! I could see her on hogtied, fucking machines bound, sex and submission. Charolette needs to be bound and orgasmed long, hard, and often! Her first movements reminded me a LOT of Tawni Ryden, and a little of Jade Marx, who are two of my favorites. You could probably do a fair amount of bungee bondage...if you had room on the set for her to bounce around. I can't wait.

Aug 15, 2009

Bring her on! I bet she's a thrasher, given the chance. Definitely more of Claidia!

Jun 23, 2009

Sounds like Dana wants a double scissor with two two-headed dildoes.

Jun 16, 2009

Yay Sabrina! It's posted! We're watching...and downloading! The arched suspension reminded me of a bronze I've seen by a British artist named Leigh Hoppel. Beautiful. Lochai, I bet she could do a whole shoot of category 5 ties, but I like it more when she wiggles. I think she needed tickling. As always, I know what I like and what I like...THRASHES!

May 19, 2009

:o :o :o Using ANY kind of words to describe this would limit it, and this is beyond limits. I now know Darling can squirt, and I don't recall seeing tha� before. I now know I need to check out Kristine on Device Bondage. And Charley is CHARLEY! And Lochai? I am SO glad you emphasize the orgasm over the floggers and rope! I know what I like, and what I like...THRASHES!

Apr 10, 2009

Look forward to seeing Winter Sky in her first regular HT shoot. I like the way she comes, and I like the way Lochai makes them come. Technical issue: Both this shoot and the Christina Carter tutoria save as clips.jsp, and the streaming as clips.flash.jsp, as opposed to .mp4 on my Mac. I noticed both clips are basically 1 clip. I can't play them when downloaded, but I have been able to watch them both. I'm using quicktime 7.6 pro and downloading through Firefox, and I've been able to download multiple clip shoots successfully. Make'em come Lochai. I know what I like, and what I like...thrashes.

Oct 18, 2007

Oh, Gianna HAS to come back pretty soon! Every scene, dildos or vibrators! Water Tickling! Hand Tickling! For next time, Lew, you need two water piks, tie her spreadeagle again, stand at her head, and watch the thrashing as you play the waterpiks over the ticklish spots! Can she do a Jade Marx, coming so much and hard she ignores the tickling? The wet dreams with a doggy suspension! And a tank scene which I enjoyed! Multiple orgasms! Filled pussies! Outstanding!

Water Bondage
Sep 16, 2007

A shoot I liked much more this week. s1: Lew's heels show up, so I know it's for him, so I just endured it, although Julie liked it. s2: Julie LIKES the singletail, liked the water, and seemed to enjoy the dildos, although her later admission of abusing her clit took just a little edge off. s3: After watching her reactions with the singletail, I'm thinking "you know, Julie might be one of the few who could take the waterpik on her clit...and the waterpik appears! AND she's ticklish! WOO-HOO! s4: FINALLY! Hair floating around, a vibrator in the tank, Lew fingering her, and she kept sticking her tongue out for the tit/clit/tonguesucker! I was wondering about another toy, essentially a dildo with a ring in the end, to give you a way to tie a dildo in the pussy, and to give you a better handle to practice your basketball dribbling while making the sub happy, since you could penetrate AND spank her clit and the same time!

Water Bondage
Sep 9, 2007

Dang Brits and their stiff upper lip. Models that go into subspace real easily don't always make for good viewing. I know doms like it. And Lew, I know you like ballgags, but I like a scene out of the tank where there's no ballgag so I can hear the model. All right. We're in one of the sets, so the acoustics aren't as much of a problem this time. And, I'm not hearing the camera clicks, so I imagine you've gone to all digital SLRs, or at least something much quieter, or your sound person is good at editing the tape. s1: Cherry's hair color was off-putting when I first saw the update, as I only like that color hair in my Japanese anime, preferably hentai. Too bad you can't get tentacles in the tank with some of your asian models, or anybody for that matter. I figured the manacles would be a little too heavy for some of your breath control flotation training. Better stay with rope or handcuffs for that one. And Cherry seems only somewhat responsive to external fingering. A shame. s2: This wss MEAN. No way to lean into support, a difficult position to maintain. I think you should have had a chest tie that could have pulled up the upper body, then used the wet dreams on her instead of DOS. The single tail on the breasts was fun to watch, as they dangled delightfully, but you still could have used the chest tie without affecting the scene. s3: Favorite of the shoot, and made me wonder what you could have done with the waterpik. She thrashed delightfully trying to escape the water, and I think you missed an opportunity to see if she was TICKLISH! After watching Cherry drool around the ballgag in s2, I was concerned that the particular tie pulling the head all the way back with the ring gag would cause breathing problems, especially when you had to limit her movement so you could use the water massage, then the magic wand. Her one good orgasm of the shoot, as far as I could tell. Liked the bondage, and her ability to move in it, so at least she wasn't wetzoned all the time. s4: Okay, I guess I'm just not a fan of plastic bag breath control. I know I suggested a plastic bag possibility in the last shoot, but I must have been thinking of it as an artistic point with a mud bath, and the option to spray a model's face without hurting her. Cellophane bondage...meh. Can't see anything, and no vibrator to tease. Things I think would work with Cherry, but we don't see the model sheet, so we don't know what her limits are: s2: the chest tie, so she can relax a bit, and gives her something to push against while using wet dreams. s3 was okay except for the hair tie pulled back, but that's probably just me, as I'm sure you tried it and she was okay with it. The tank scenes: Here's where you need scuba gear, an aqualung, a snorkel, the modified penis gag I mentioned (drill the center out, put a breathing tube in, silicon seal to waterproof, and a long hose to get out of the tank)Stick an underwater vibrator in and let her go to town. Or, double team her with the partner of her choice, and let's see some strap-on or fucking. She's just a little too pliant in the tank, which is great for you, but didn't do much for me. Sorry, Lew, but this one's just a 3 for me. If you do bring her back, I think you really need to just about do a completely opposite shoot with her.

Water Bondage
Sep 1, 2007

All right, Lew, my usual mix of technical and artistic. First off, get some wireless microphones, or use two microphones, or something in the Armory. The acoustics SUCK, so the opening interview SUCKED. I couldn't hear you at all, or just barely. S1: How about a warm mud bath scene, maybe just showing a breathing tube, the rising from beneath the mud...a very dirty beauty, maybe with head in a plastic bag, and the mud gets sprayed off and it is...? I ask for somewhat transparent clothing, but I'll take a mud scene. S2: ball tie is okay, but good for penetration. Liked the orgasm. Possible new toy:variation of vibrator-dildo on a stick. Tape a piece of pvc pipe 2" in diameter to the magic wand. Slide the dildo on a stick into the pipe, and you can work the dildo while the vibrator buzzes away. S3: Best scene of the shoot. Liked the suspension, liked the support, liked the dildo. Way cool tie. Might have preferred a little more around the middle, but that's comfort talking. S4:As soon as you put that lock on the grate, this IMMEDIATELY moved to one of my LEAST favorite things. Safety issues popped up HUGE, and just showed me one of the reasons I couldn't do your job. So MANY negative possibilites jumped in my head that I had a hard time enjoying it. I was watching how far her head could get above the grate, with clearance for nose and mouth, since a ballgag never completely seals, and I was thinking about your larger models like Jade Marx and Christina Carter, who wouldn't comfortably FIT in the tank, and whose facial structure wouldn't let them FIT through the grate without marring those lovely features. This is a hard one for me to judge, but I'll probably only give it a 4 because of the sound issues and my dislike for s4, but I REALLY liked s3.

Water Bondage
Aug 25, 2007

Also, the next time Sabrina comes in, I think she needs the vibrator-dildo combo, the VDOS.

Water Bondage