Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 9, 2012

okay Dragon.. once again, I underestimated your power.. WOW.. Great match and this is why you are my FAVORITE wrestler.. Rain.. you are right there.. Love seeing you cum on the mat.. Perfect!!!

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 16, 2012

Just wanna reiterate to Dragon that you are my favorite wrestler.. You give the best of all worlds.. You fight competitively well, you are the greatest style point wrestler because you can force just about anyone to orgasm and you orgasm on the mat.. I know that you may fight to avoid this but it is EXTREMELY entertaining. I would love to see you take on Ariel one on one. I legitimitely think you can win the match but I also think you will cum on the mat before victory. Don't know if you guys remember this but I actually predicted that Dragon would be the first wrestler to cum on the mat and still win her match as she did against Samantha Sin.. You're simply my favorite Dragon..

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 15, 2012

I agree.. Dragon is not a falling star.. You are as sexy as ever!!! Watching cum was unbelievable and made my day.. I'm honestly surprised it doesn't happen more in tag team.. Great round and I hope to see you cum again in the future. :)

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 20, 2012

to RiYam... I agree with your asessment.. Dragon does need some practice time and that's fair.. I know it's not really doable but what love to see Dragon and her opponent fight barefoot.. Sometimes it's hard to tell if Dragon cums on the mat but I notice that when she cums her toes start curling up..

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 15, 2012

awesome match.. Question for Dragon.. First let me say you are my favorite wrestler... You make the girls cum on the mat and I love seeing you cum on the mat.. I wanted to know how you feel about your chances if you took on Ariel when she returns? No disrespect but I think she will make you explode on the mat (yes I'm challenging you to prove me wrong LOL) Do you think you can beat her?? I would also love to see you against Rain Degrey cause I think that will be the first match in which both wrestlers cum on the mat in the match.. Much Respect to you Dragon and I hope the little trash talk is not taken offensively.. Please stick around..

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 30, 2011

I love Shae!!! Please stay on..Forced Orgasm during wrestling is as good as it gets.. Perfect!!

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 14, 2011

No forced orgasm but a good match.. Can someone tell me if Rain had a forced orgasm in the Live Tag Team match on Dec 2nd??

Ultimate Surrender
Dec 5, 2011

Great match.. Please Shae, stay on and continue to practice.. Your hot and watching you cum on the mat is amazingly good.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 28, 2011

I hope that I'm not overstepping my bounds but I'm tired of hearing people complain about the one sided matches.. This was a great match minus the forced orgasm during wrestling.. I've said this before.. I cannot understand what is good about seeing two rookies go at it.. Usually they don't have a real grasp of style points, etc and I find those matches to be a bit slow.. Good wrestlers going against each other can be a bit slow in a sense that often, they are too good to get each other in compromising positions and so what you get is a lot of grappling and headlocks, etc. This is not always true because some matches where two elite wrestlers were pitted against each other worked out quite well.. i.e. dia vs dragon or dragon vs isis. I love the fact that when I watch these matches I can possibly see an Ultimate Surrender meaning (in my eyes) being forced to orgasm during wrestling.. This happens too little as it is but when we have rookies vs rookies this event is null and void. I myself humbly ask.. We have had a good fill of super competitive matches during Summer Vengeance which just ended.. You guys who like these matches have had your fair share of the pie for the most part since May or June.. In my opinion it's time to see some Forced Orgasm during wrestling and some super erotic fingering and teasing for a bit. I say, rookies vs elite and get ladies with orgasmic tendencies please...

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 5, 2011

Great Match and Great to see someone cum during wrestling the way Rain did.. Thanks Rain, you made my night. For the record Isis didn't confirm the orgasm or talk about it to Rain but was it in the second round? Just would like confirmation.. Please forgive me.

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 2, 2011

Great Match.. I love to now see Dragonlily lose as it seems she is the only women besides Rain who may cum during wrestling. I'm sorry for her injury and I truly hope you come back Dragon.. You look great winning because you usually destroy your competition and force orgasms and you look great losing because you get forced to orgasm. Greatest wrestler ever in Ultimate Surrender.. No disrepect to the other ladies but with Dragonlily, I always know I'm gonna see lots of style and a chance of a forced orgasm one way or another.

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 27, 2011

Man.. Supereheroines?? Please let's see more!!!

Sep 6, 2010

Question For DragonLily, I don't mean to ask a stupid question but in this match when you were cumming it looked like your left arm was free but for some reason you didn't use it to get Dia's Fingers away from you. Was it that you were overwhelmed by the pleasure or just that you really couldn't move your arm far enough to get Dia's fingers out of you? Great match again to both you and Dia. Thank you very much.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 4, 2010

Unbelievable!!! I always wanted to see the Dragon cum cause I knew it was possible and it finally happened!! Felt bad seeing you cry Dragon but please don't keep your head down because you made alot of men including me happy.

Ultimate Surrender
Aug 6, 2010

WOW!!! That was an awesome match. Isis you will be missed but you went out with a hell of a bang babe!!! What a match... What more is there to say!!

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