Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 26, 2012

Thank you Mistress Ashley, a session with a skilled Domme at a bargain price. Will follow your commands.

Divine Bitches
Oct 27, 2011

I nlike shoots like this, I have the Test Shoot of Dia Zerva &the F.M. shoot with Harmony Rose. Watching very fit women work out while being sexually stimulated and keeping going while orgasming, keeps your attention. TOMCAT 'mic' yourself better Ariel & Serena sound twice as loud as you. More like this please.

Fucking Machines
Jul 10, 2011

Lovely. Marie McCray fan. Have Ginger "fetish". Tit tie excellent. Sawhorse great for cum torture with vib, gotta remember that. Matt, more redheads.

Jun 10, 2011

WOW!Is porn art? 'Indietro' shows it can be.The Armory, especialy The Upper Floor, the perfect setting.Costumes excellent, 'George' almost entirely in a tux was a great visual touch. Is "A.Ivory" Madison Young? If true a woman of vast talent. Over a year ago I suggested Kink.com make a 21st century version of "the Story of O". If you look under my user name-loufr33- you will find a 'senerio' I wrote. With the release of 'Indietro' demonstrates, at least to me, you can do it. More like this please. Lou Fr33

Kink Features
Jun 3, 2011

Good to see this shoot being put so all can get a chance to see it. It is one of my favorites. THERE IS NOTHING, 0, LIKE IT!! Highly recommend it; read the other comments and you'll see why. LouFr33

Kink.com Test Shoots
Mar 18, 2011

Very Good! I liked it. Most of the other Teasing Videos have women teasing men. Woman teasing woman, especially Dia and Raven,plus bondage very, very good.

Teasing Videos
Mar 9, 2011

I like these sci-fi shoots. Have most if not all. Audrey=perfect. Your tits are excellent. Disclosure; I love small tits. Black gloves are perfect v.good addition keeps the alienness. Tomcat await the "full on" sci-fi shoot. Will we see the 'anal probe'? Getting better all the time! LOUFR33

Fucking Machines
Nov 23, 2010

Madison is amazing. I'm guessing by her dress this was done at the same time as the cat. 5 strapano 10 june this year(?)The photos show some of the fantastic rigging before she was hung up, would have been nice to see a few clips of that, Matt congratulations and bravo for your work have a few Hogties incredible BRAVO!!! Since Madison is going to be a mother, be interesting to know the comparison between nipple clamps and suckling a child. Fasinating.

Nov 10, 2010

Would have been great. If this was supposed to be a'sci-fi' shoot, my ausberger's-like attention to detail was spoiled by a very nice very human hand in a scene or two, and the pink vib. Tomcat just trying help you get the perfect sci-fi alien abduction Fucking Machines shoot possible. Eagerly await future FM's like Ive bought. Check my account. L F

Fucking Machines
Oct 21, 2010

No doubt Chloe is cute. Up there with one of my favs, tickle, whip,cum shoot[D.B.} starring Lilla Katt. One very minor complaint; during either the before or after interviews, no mention this was/is her idea. Text highlites said so, would have been good to hear so on camera.

Oct 20, 2010

While having morning coffee, went to my library, deciced to watch a bit, again, have learn a bit 'vote' should have been PEN-ULTIMUTE SURRENDER!

Ultimate Surrender
Oct 15, 2010

This is the third 'sci-fi' FM I've bought. Watching Cece 'play' with her body, clamps, suction, etc.she's knows what she wants and is willing to do it for herself. Kudos Cece.She appeared to R-E-A-L-Y enjoy both machines. I would have liked 'portait' pictures of Cece in the suit, front, rear, 3/4 left,3/4 right, she looked [insert extremely complimentry word/phrase here].L F

Fucking Machines
Sep 26, 2010

Now that I know how to muse a cane properly. Have to find some one to practice on female preferred.

Kink University
Sep 1, 2010

P.S. Harmony difinately enjoyed herself the way she fingered herself at the end was a woman in the throes of orgasmic glow.

Fucking Machines
Sep 1, 2010

Should be "very good". Tomcat love when you do the workout with 'attachments' The one with you and Dia is one of my favorites, just like that sort of thing. Love to see you as a "gym teacher" giving a group of models a work out; object, see who's the last standing, elimnation by orgasm 'overload' or physical limit, make sure attachments are tuned on.

Fucking Machines