Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 21, 2015

wonderful adventure, mirroring so many of My personal fantasies. such a beautiful cunt, she seemed so very real... such beautiful pain and suffering!!! made Me wish I were right there in the studio, watching, listening and taking part!

Device Bondage
Nov 22, 2014

noisy wench, in need of having her mouth stuffed and her cries muted.

The Training Of O
Sep 21, 2012

as always, I just truly enjoy watching one of My favorite hotties taking all the pain dished out to her while she tries her damndest to please... so many Cocks and so few holes... dont even mind re-views... almost like watching a rehearsel.

Bound Gang Bangs
Sep 14, 2011

this one is not "great" becuse it froze 13 minutesz ad 58 seconds into the session and trying repeatedly to get it to play through or play over again failed to fix the problem. it is not Me nor My puter or connection because I have just completed downloading several other sessions.

The Training Of O
Sep 6, 2011

this has become My all time favorite! in no way was this the same ol' stuff, this Julie LOVED every minute of it or she is the best actress on the net! "again" she squeals, "again" and I want to be right there with her... for a change the flick is like 85-90% abusing her body instead of the usual 90% sex and 10% torture! speaking of "again", I say "Let's do just that. over and over and over and...

Sex And Submission
Sep 3, 2011

Bobbi Starr is one of My all-time favorite submissive model. Period.

Sex And Submission
Aug 20, 2011

Krissy, you are the - this flick is by far the be- I am struck nearly wordless which happens about once, maybe twice a decade! I mean without a doubt, I will watch this one over and over, I will be Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreamingeach night of her charms- and her body and her facial expressions and her submission and her pain... and her obviously great lovin' oh, and did I mention that the very first time I saw her tits I was in awe and immediately was lost in My imaginings - there are so many ways and so many things to do and so much lovely titflesh to do it to... sure I would like to see Krissy in a flick with only the very end having her getting assfucked and cuntfucked and mouthfucked while the first 90% was her body being tormented and tortured... I meann what red-blooded Male wouldn't want that???? c'mon guys, and krissy, how about another shoot?????

Sex And Submission
Aug 16, 2011

as I expected, this was one of those special shoots... met all expectations wonderfully. acted out a special fantasy and even the acting itself was quite fine. and hot couple isn't the half of it... from the very begiig whe Steve undrapes the narrow, restrictive cage ... inventive, enjoyable, sexy... thak you too miss mia, your titties were just perfect and your submissive servitude excellent.

Sex And Submission
Aug 14, 2011

better than great. one of My favorite fantasies and one of My favorite kink.com flicks to date. next time I see Haley though I hope I see her in hot wax, stretched beyond her limits, stuffed in all 3 holes and truly suffering for her Man! she makes Me wish I could come to the Armory in person- thank you all...

Sex And Submission
Jul 3, 2011

this one is simply beyond the boundaries. wish I had been right there so I could keep this one in My mind forever... to revisit by closing My eyes.

Device Bondage
Jun 17, 2011

better than great! I want to see many more shoots of this borges lady... pushing at her limits - does she have any limits?

Device Bondage
May 10, 2011

what a wonderful role play fantasy! fit in perfedtly with all the wonderwoman stories found in the erotic literature sites all over the Net. christina carter is a fine actress, her facial expression were ultimate and it is so much fun to watch the lady suffer. thank you Mat, thank you christina. you are welcome into My living room again aned again!

Device Bondage
Apr 23, 2011

how strange... so very different, not sexual and yet watch that woman's face, watch her stretching herself, look at those nipples when she is trying to very hard to make Matt cum. I love watching women work, watching women stretch, watching women bounce. I didn't even miss the bouncing in this one... I will watch this one again and again!

Device Bondage
Mar 27, 2011

now this one made up for one other, this one has Princess Donna getting the attention she deserved, this one has Isis doing her best and looking her best, this one even sounds great!!!

Device Bondage
Mar 26, 2011

Over and over again I will enjoy watching Iona taking her punishment and her pleasure... and over again I am grateful that she is forced to earn every bit of it... those titties deserve every bit of abuse a Tainer could provide... titties so perfect are perfect for tormenting.

Device Bondage