Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 27, 2011

This vid got me to subscribe again after a long hiatus (this and the promise of a monthly abduction fantasy). This marks a return to the inspired Hogtied of Cabo fame, after a bit of a run where things were getting a bit, dare I say it, almost German in their formalization of fetish. Whatever brought you the inspiration for this, keep it up, amazingly you've really equalled the level of the old Whitman CalStar films like Tourist Trap. This is an instant classic. Definitely repeat the AENA motif, probably the most erotic moment is not during the main action but when Riley runs towards the door yelling for them to come back, then turns towards Christina. I'm an instant fan of Riley as opposed to many commenters who prefer Christina (who was also good, but a young, slim girl without tons of tattoos and ability to ACT is a major find). It would have been amazing to have the two of them put in a another predicament incited by AENA. By the way Matt, I know you said this is a pilot for a super hero site, but it's not about the super heroes, it's about the major erotic inspiration you guys obviously had when making this. I don't care whether that involves super heroes or not. It seems like the integration of a storyline is what really gets the juices flowing versus standard updates. Keep it up!

Oct 15, 2006

I re-subscribed because there are finally 2 editions of Cabo since I left. The Cabo series makes it all worthwhile. Keep it up! Can you add more story/roleplaying to the regular shoots to bring them up closer to Cabo level? There was one simulated kidnap shoot a while back that was superb but there are no signs besides Cabo of continuing that great work.