Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 22, 2007

Lovely Babe..

Fucking Machines
Jan 6, 2006

Dragon is as sexy as she is tough. My fantasy is she shows up at my house, kicks my ass, and makes me her slave boy!

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 5, 2006

I just saw the match (I'm a latecomer) It was terrific for its competativeness. I disagree with the decision. I though Nina was much more aggressive and took Syd to the mat repeatedly. Nonetheless, Nina was graceful in her defeat, and after bringing many other wrestlers to incredible orgasms, got a well-deserved one of her own. You go, Nina! You're undefeatable!

Ultimate Surrender
Jul 30, 2004

I must say the models are smok'in on this site! And Shannon is one of the best! Keep up the good work! I must say the nipple torture was outstanding even when you reduced it to one nipple, but for me I was happier seeing both tits outstreched in unison, still that seen with Shannon quivering after her orgasm was supreme! Thank you Shannon! I hope to see more of you on Hogtied!

Jul 11, 2004

It's true, watching big tied tits tremble as your models are cumming uncontrolably turns me on! Aces!

May 3, 2004

Kylie is number one!