Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 31, 2014

very nice girl

Aug 19, 2008

very nice

Sex And Submission
May 25, 2005

Only 1 good picture OTK ( the one with panties on) looks helpless good Could have same pose with panties on and down--and submissive looks helpless

Whipped Ass
Nov 20, 2004

Costrast better with white panties OTK Front view back view--panties on then off etc

Whipped Ass
Nov 14, 2004

Great over the shoulder carrying Would be better showing behind--panty clad--then panties down =front view over the shoulder. Behind high in the air A little wrestling-- submissive has legs apart in the stuggle showing white panties then they could come off

Whipped Ass
Nov 10, 2004

Getting better good opening scene Could have a little wrestling showing Tina panties as legs spread apart Spanking scene--panties could be tighter Cherokee could make bottom more help-less--bottom over one knee and other knee placed in the small of Tina,s back--really helpless now good web sight you asked for suggestions--make it a little more scenious at beginning

Whipped Ass
Nov 8, 2004

Good wrestling scenes--you could add 1.e. Knee press ( knees pressed to ears Chanta holding down ankels Why not start with skirt showing white cotten panties on then off 2.Over the knee scene--Chanta has her one knee then other leg over small of back--this makes bottom more prominent---back view front etc panties ( white--even garter belt) on off At the beginning sensuous at the beginning You probably have no time to read this

Whipped Ass
Oct 30, 2004

Kym At the beginning a little more sexy i.e. Leave panties on-- then over knee ( panties on then down white panties and garter belt dark stockings to give contrast) 2 Carry her over your shoulder ( panties on then off) 3. Wrestling position holding ankles over her head and you pinning them to her ears--you from head side peering down at her then panties come off A little more scenes were she is dressed a bit more ten get into the bear stuff

Whipped Ass
Oct 29, 2004

1. OTK spanking panties on off 2. Over the sholder carring panties then down

Whipped Ass
Sep 23, 2004

dress on .....otk spanking panties on then off

Whipped Ass
Sep 17, 2004

White panties give a better contrast Go for more VARIETY____ OTK panties on then off carry over shoulder panties on then off sometimes dressed for more variety

Whipped Ass
Aug 27, 2004

Good shot of panty clad behind--- OTK with pants on--then taken down then on bare behind This would add a little more to series OTK victum could arch behind more to look more helpless

Whipped Ass
Jul 8, 2004

Very good--model submissive could wear white panties at beginning NOTE: I was member before and will join again I would like to cancel when subscription up--cannot get through to your billing sight

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