Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 26, 2007

I wanna say thanks to everyone and thanks to the SAS crew for having me play on this shoot. It was very hard because it was live but I think it turned out great. Loreli (who is the best slave ever) baby you get so much respect from me (you worked the hardest) and you TOOK IT ALL!!!! Mark, I love you and I wish I had your cock for one day so I could fuck hot slaves and cum in there face just like you.. To everyone watching, SPANKS and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.... "I give it a 10" Great, now my pussy is wet again.. Gotta Go.. XOXOXOX ~Isis~

Sex And Submission
Oct 26, 2007

Thanks everyone. I love you all.. These are some of the hottest girls and I got to tie them up and fuck them (in the ASS even!!) there couldn't be a better day!!!! I had a great time on this shoot and I hope I fulfilled some of your nasty naughty fantasies.. Let me know if there is anything dirty you would like me to do to someone in the future and ill jump right on it.. Great, thinking about ass fucking makes my sweet cunt wet..FUCK!!!! Gotta Go.. SPANKS again.. XOXOXO ~Isis~

Whipped Ass
Oct 29, 2007

This was one of the best days ever. These girls were so fun to work with it makes my pussy wet just thinking about it.. I had a great time and i hope to jump more girls into our gang!!! Hey Donna lets jump in Madison Young and Sarah Jane Ceylon!!!! XOXOX ~Isis~

Wired Pussy
Oct 26, 2007

Hey folks!! Thanks for all the great comments. I hope you enjoyed watching just as much as I enjoyed making it happen for you.. I love to read the lovely things you have to say, and I hope to please you just as much (if not more) in the future. It was great to be back here at MeninPain.com And I hope to return soon. If you have any special fantasies you would like me to live out for you -let me know- I will be happy to turn them into reality.. Well everyone my pussy is wet so I gotta go.. Take care and once again SPANKS for all the love... ~Isis~

Men In Pain
Oct 26, 2007

Hey everyone, check out La Cherry Spice next week in her first live shoot.. You can log on to get involved with the action and even chat with her live during the shoot.. XOXOXOX

TS Seduction
Aug 28, 2007

Please remember our models DO read these comments and be sure to respect them as they are working hard to keep you hard and happy. Before you post please read and understand the COMMENTS POSTING GUIDELINES. With that said, Thank you for all your wonderful messages to both models on this shoot they both worked very hard for you.

TS Seduction