Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Feb 1, 2003

Sorry guys!!! Lena is in my top five. I think she is on of your hottest models. But for whatever reason, she never seemed to get into this shoot. Love to see her again, alone with the machines or another babe.

Fucking Machines
Jan 3, 2003

Tony, keep the cream cummin. Loved it.

Fucking Machines
Nov 13, 2002

My God, If you like cream in your coffee, this would be the only way to go. Extremely hot with a great little bod. Bring her back.

Fucking Machines
Nov 4, 2002

You have got to bring this girl back. Just watching her pussy going into spasms opening and closing and pushing out her juices was enough to make me go crazy. I have never seen that before and would like to see it again from Leila. Outstanding!!!!!

Jan 29, 2002

Loved those pussy lips on Darlynn. Think she is one hot lady. Love to see it when women a dripping from their pussy. Really hot. More of Darlynn.

Fucking Machines