Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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May 9, 2014

Though I don't like much that hairstyle of "Barbarella" I can't give less than Great to Lorelei's submission. I just wanted more of her. More spit on her face and in her mouth. Would love to see her being face-fucked on her knees and hands tied up behind back. That for start..

Sex And Submission
Apr 26, 2014

I agree in some extend. Get Chanel Preston on the submission. She is too hot and I would love to see it her bing abused in every way possible.

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Apr 20, 2014

spectacular and hot! I joined only because of that blowjob/deepthroat scene; on her knees,bound,nipple clamps on tits,hiatchi on pussy and much drooling all over her tits. Unsurpassed boner!! Next level of intensity could be fulfilled if u add on a sace scene: 1)forceful face-fuck from the penetrator (he should start controlling her head after the first minutes of the blowjob), 2)pulling her hair and grabbing her neck, 3)he should regularly and generously spit on all over her face and in her mouth(two ways;throw fast the spit and just let is drop slowly), 4)grab,sack,grope,twist,squeeze and slap her tits as well during face-fuck...if nipple clamps being removed accidentally get them on again or use clothespins as well 5)re-draw her lips with lipstick in an excessive way every once in a while looking her look like a messy clown. draw some words on her forehead (like "slut" and in other parts of her body, 6)use a butt-plug or a dildo on her asshole and make her sit on it for the most part of the fae-fuck 7)use clothespins on her pussy lips and on her clit. adhere them with tape around so the inside of her pussy will be visible.spit and slape her pussy in that way. and add a hitachi on it vibrating ...even try to force it inside her. give her pantis/string to choke inside her mouth. force it with the dick deep inside the mouth while she is face-fucked or force it inside her pussy or asshole. That for start...cum all over her face...let he cum being visible all over her a face...and then bring a new throbbing massive cock to start over face-fucking her without removing the cum or anything of the aforementioned things...if she can manage all that...prolly ppl will die from heart attack if they will see that.. Great scene anyway!!!

The Training Of O
Apr 18, 2014

One of the best updates in entire porn industry. Lorelei and Beretta James;breathtaking combination. Infinitely sexy girls with one ts-girl;unstoppable bonner!! If u can get them back with even more submissive, intense and rougher scenario and including some more ts-girls gangbanging that hotties will be the ultimate perversion. Add some bondage and i am gonna lose my brain and myself forever.

TS Pussy Hunters
Apr 11, 2014

lovable! Wouldnt have been great if Donna wasnt participating so actively. I still need to watch her more on the action though...like being penetrated as well while she fists the girl for example...groped/fucked while she kisses and spits her slave model...nice job though Donna..u have manged to make yourself so more desirable on every scene.

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Mar 13, 2014

Awesome! Cant be less that Great this scene. Some additional "spices" like bondage, nipple clamps,ring-o-gag would have been a heart attack for some ppl I guess :)

Hardcore Gangbang
Mar 7, 2014

I would have preferred another model.

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Feb 3, 2014

Very nice scene....but I dont know for the rest members but for me....whenever you use Cherry as a Mistress I instantly fantasize her being in a second part of the movie with the same attire and being punished/submitted to the full. Maybe even a 3rd part where she will be used again as slave in an even more intense and multiple ways. You cant really "waste" such a piece of art and wast such time with her being only as a mistress.

Whipped Ass
Jan 29, 2014

Great scene. But please can you add more kissing play;mouth to mouth mostly for entire scene if possible. Either passionate and slow with lips and/or with tongues, violent, juicy and loads of spit inside out of mouths. I find it extremely arousing to watch a ts-girl being eager,lusty and formidable with her mouth (lips,tongue,teeth,spit) to use it all over on the face,mouth,tits,neck,pussy and ass of the female girl for as much as possible during scene. Really hot and breathtaking situation especially when the female is also used on other ways at the same time. And I will definitely lose my mind if u add on all that scene some bondage; hands tied up behind back preferably. Anyway...good job!

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Jan 25, 2014

miss her so much as well

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Jan 25, 2014

I miss her so much

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Jan 18, 2014

Well....Bella Rossi is always welcome. My appetite for this girl is insatiable. There is nothing more sexy than watching Bella getting kissed and fucked by lovely ts-girl(s). Just try to increase levels of intense and humiliation. I would love some bound as well. Make it more dominant. It will become even more breathtaking if you have her bound (for entire movie if possible) and being harassed in every way possible;marks of lipstick and spit in all over her body (mostly on her face though) because of the furious and lusty kisses of the ts-girls. Some clothespins on tits and some more toys being used on her body (like vibrators, ring-o-gag etc). Even a dp by two or more ts-girls would have been awesome. Great job anyway

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Jan 13, 2014

omg. Cherry Torn is always nice to watch either as mistress or sub...but she is too hot not be treated as sub as well. If u really need to use her as a mistress do it but someone or some ppl should use her as sub as well after that. I mean it's such a waste of glorious body not to be treated properly once she is on air. So hot. Thanks for the update anyway

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Jan 11, 2014

Absolutely stunning and gorgeous model. I havent noticed her before. Perfect face tits and body. Use her more in quantity and quality pliz!!!Nice update anyway

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Jan 9, 2014

Dear Donna, Your last statement was all I needed to hear at the moment. Since it seems it will be a some sort of compensation I will still give my support. We also need you around and watch you spread your sexuality, skills and perversio as much as possible. We need your mind and flesh alive and kicking.

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