Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jul 8, 2010

Everything about this shoot says "very promising young star", there are few who can get me so aroused by their compliance to strict gag tightening; she marks beautifully from the ropes, can't wait to see her after a flogging; the puffy lower lips and cute stubbly regrowth are just icing on the cake. Nice find, Kink!

Aug 11, 2009

The scene with the stress position - Oh my! Jade Indica's struggle in that scene surpassed how gorgeous she looked in the nose hook and pig tail butt plug scene you did before with her. Well done all.

Device Bondage
Mar 27, 2009

The sort of model that could recession-proof Kink for a very long time. I complain because my money is finite, not because I am unhappy - keep 'em coming!

Sex And Submission
Mar 11, 2009

You guys going to make me poor with shoots like these! Keep up the great work all.

Device Bondage
Feb 28, 2009

Curse you, curse you all! You know I can't resist a Jade Indica shoot. Preying on my weaknesses, bad Kink! ;)

Public Disgrace
Jan 28, 2009

She has a self-confessed latex fetish and likes domming girls - maybe some kind of medical abduction scenario with her topping Alexa Jordan? Will gladly buy any shoot this girl does (except Ultimate Surrender - not my thing, sorry).

Jun 27, 2008

Oh I love you guys, thank you for bringing Alexa back. As for comments about her being constantly at the limit, I am still downloading it so haven't seen it yet, but you're describing the very thing I love about her - she always comes across as being totally incapable, and I don't believe it's an act, rather a self confidence issue, but she is so much stronger when she's tested. I just think being out of her depth is her being in the zone.

Device Bondage
Apr 24, 2008

I must say I'm coming round to your way of thinking on this woman Cyd - she has amply proved herself capable of some of the best shoots on this site so far. This looks set to raise the bar. Good job, Kink.

Device Bondage
Mar 27, 2008

Ty so much, I've been dying to see this live shoot in hi res. Alexa is the best!

Device Bondage
Mar 19, 2008

Ooo hi res Claire Dames footage? I thought she was great in her recent live shoot with Alexa, this should be a real treat.

Device Bondage
Mar 9, 2008

She has no charisma - think she'd be more suited to rubber doll training, at least that way her propensity to show no enthusiasm would actually be an asset.

The Training Of O
Feb 8, 2008

That was the sweetest little bleating noise she made after the zipper - please bring Lorelei Lee back soon.

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