Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Sep 26, 2014

That's an old classic we haven't seen for a (too) long time. Upside down on the wall. Thanks Cherie!

Device Bondage
Oct 16, 2012

There isn't a sexier upside down woman than Ariel.

Nov 3, 2011

Is Beretta trained to hang upside down for so long? What a performance!

Device Bondage
Aug 19, 2011

You can really see the blood rush to her head during the upside down suspension. Lizzy is a beauty!

Sex And Submission
Aug 13, 2011

upside down suspension is the best!

Apr 21, 2011

Cherry and Ariel are so sexy, when the blood is rushing to their heads.

Device Bondage
Aug 22, 2010

I like my women upside down too. Keep up the good work, Vivienne!

Device Bondage
Aug 17, 2010

Three Michelin Stars for Ariel!

Device Bondage
Jan 15, 2010

With all the preparations, Rain must have been upside down for almost half an hour. Is there another model who can top this?

Device Bondage
May 18, 2009

You don't need a vacation Matt. This inverted suspension was the best I've seen for a long time.

Device Bondage
Jan 12, 2008

A gorgeious redhead suspended upside down. What more can a man ask for!

Whipped Ass
Apr 6, 2007

Sarah Jane suspended upside down! The best treat there is!

Water Bondage
Jul 18, 2005

I love the awesome (red) faces of Lorelei and Jade hanging upside down. More of this!

Wired Pussy