Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Sep 21, 2008

Lochai, you say "Matt has turned the ropes over to me, Lochai to continue the legacy that is Hogtied..." You rate Damon "outstanding", and the shoot "Great". As you can see in the comments, this shoot is NOT is the Hogtied legacy. Does yout rating indicate we can expect more of this quality?

Sep 20, 2008

I'm left with the feeling this was perhaps 50% of what it could have been. Hard to pin down why. A number of factors: Overdone rigging that looked like macrame was distracting, it was obvious that the same positions could be effecteed much more simply; common failure of distortiing beautiful model's face with ball gag, sraran wrap (?), wasted their beauty and muffled sounds, which play a large part in the effectiveness of a shoot; Rigger is offputting. One of those personality things, he projects none, there is no chemistry with the girl. I was left thinking Bridget can be shown to much better advantage, and I'd like to see that shoot. Damon commits the common error of asking questions so far off mike they can't be heard.

Sep 14, 2008

Very pretty girl, into the lifestyle, should have been a grabber, but was dull. No communication/chemistry between rigger and model. Felt like rote going through a checklist.

Aug 28, 2008

Great for Tina, OK for rigger, Didn't feel any personality. Interviews shot so far away she was small and I didn't hear a thing the rigger said. Many riggers don't speak up, but this was just a dull mumble.

Aug 17, 2008

What is this about Matt leaving? Who ism to replace him?

Jul 15, 2008

I can't join the "Greats" because the interviews show this is a veru pretty girl. But we don't get to enjoy seeing her face becaise it's half-covereed with a big cloth gag or distorted with the bsll gag to where the face looked like the stock ball-gag face. Beaty wasted. The idea is to exploit the model's best features, no?