Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

Comments made by cassidy

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Jul 16, 2006

The idea of making her hold the leg lift to save her nipples was exquisite. Overall it's a great shoot, but I do have some criticisms: - the position for the punishment of her buttocks is not ideal, they present much better for punishment with the back arched and not bowed - yes, the whippings should be more severe, so as to leave clear and lasting marks; - waxing is much better than shaving for producing a soft smooth pussy for punishment - a good hot waxing would make a great scene too.

Jul 6, 2003

Too short but still a good pleasure-oriented sequence with an *extremely* sexy model. The shoots are always better when there's such playfulness between the dominant and the model.

Wired Pussy
May 29, 2003

As good as it gets. Wow..what an orgasm session. Could Heaven even walk afterward? The poor girl's going to get addicted if she's not careful ;-) Intensely erotic! Please...more of the same!!

Wired Pussy
Apr 29, 2003

If it ever becomes possible for a fantasy to be brought to life, there'll be no need because it's been done with this scene and this girl. A remarkable scene and an achingly beautiful, intelligent (an underrated aspect IMHO) and responsive model.

Wired Pussy