Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 26, 2011

All I can say is these girls must be pretty brave to walk through the forest naked like this. WoW!!! The way they hung Iona upside down like that. Iona,you are definitely Tough!!! Iona's body is so hot!!!! I' mean there's this scene where one of the raven's is walking behind Iona. She has her arms tied behind her and just before she leavses the scene; her SEXY Butt is so BIG.!! I mean OWWWW!!!!! She is so Hot!!! Iona, can I have your Phone Number??? Iona?,Girls?, I have this friend,she's a very straight,moral,christian Woman!!! I showed her this video,she was shocked what she saw!!! She said these Girls are living a very Immoral,unholy,lifestyle that's unacceptable to God! I said,'Hey,these Girls are hot,their having a blast"!!! Iona?,Girls?,how do I get this Girl to loosen up? Do You have any suggestions???

Oct 21, 2011

I,think Joslyn James is so Hot!!!! I like the wavy curled hair with the Red tint!!! Super Sexy!!!! I love it when Girls wear their hair like this really Hot!!!! What a Body,the Great Butt,the Big round sexy Breasts,the Tattoos really gave her that Dirty,Sexy,look!!!! The shaved side of the head thing Really Hot!!! You guys should've had her unbound on the bed smoking a cigarette while she was waiting for the next scene. I don't smoke,but that really would've been Hot!!! I was really excited when Joslyn said she'd come back again. WoW!!! I can't wait!!!! When I heard her say she has a son and doing this. I was like,aren't you afraid of what people will say? WoW!!,she must be daring and brave!!! Hey,Joslyn!!! call me at Midnight tonight my phone number is 254-217-3864. You can show up at my Door anytime,come looking the same way you looked on your Sex and Submission scene!!!

Sex And Submission
Sep 4, 2011

WoW!!! A really Hot shoot!!! I mean, a Dominatrix dominating,seducing,a christian women. I can see the idea here, it does make you wonder if christian women fantasize about being seduced and dominated by another woman!!! I think any christian women could be seduced by Isis Love's Hot body!!! I love the part where Isis overpowers wendy when fighting for the gun!!! Then isis just laughs at her!!!Hey! I know someone who could be Isis's next victim!!! She's in a christian pop group called Point of grace. Her name is Denise jones. Malcolm S. you can see her at: www.Point of Grace.net She's the hot blonde on the right!!! On there home web page!!! Yeah!,mike hook her up with Isis Love for the next Tenderloin Tramp Movie!!! I'd love to see Isis Love Dominate and Dildo her in the Butt!!! That be Hottt!!! I'd Worship at the church of Isis Love any Day!!! You go Isis keep seducing those Christian Women!!!

Cruel Romance
Aug 28, 2011

I think Mistress Gia is so hot!!! I mean her Wild,Sexy,hair,the Hot Red Dress!!! I like what she said,about the whole set it was a Dirty bathroom!!! It made her feel Dirty and Sexy!!! I mean the set was just perfect!!! I mean it does,it makes you feel,Dirty and Sexy!!! Way to go Guys!!! Mistriss Gia? What's your phone number???

TS Seduction
Aug 26, 2011

Talk about HoT!!! Is PRINCESS DONNA HOT!!! or what!!! I mean form Her SEXY LIPS!!! I mean the COLLAGEN in Her LIPS!!! Their so BIG and SEXY!!! I get turned on just by that!!! To the BLACK TOE NAIL POLISH, and HER SEXY FEET!!! PRINCESS DONNA, your THE COMPLETE WOMAN!!! PRINCESS DONNA your extremely tough to go through a set like this!!! Buy the way, PRINCESS DONNA, I've noticed a certain Christian singer in a group called,"POINT OF GRACE" whose worn the BLACK TOE NAIL POLISH!!! Do you think that even she, might have DARK/SEXUAL desires such as these? OH!!! PRINCESS DONNA you can check her out at:"POINT OF GRACE".net She's the Hottest Blonde on the right. Her name is Denise Jones. Tell me what you think?

Aug 3, 2011

I thought this shoot was really wild!!! I mean having the President's daughter being kidnapped and forced to have sex!!! I think Riley was perfect for the part. She looks so sweet and innocent. I'd like to know what background does she come from, I mean does she come from a religious/christian background? This would be my suggestion to you guys if you would ask the girls if they come from a christian family. I'd think that's kinda crazy and a definite turnon for christian girls getting into the kink industry!! I also thought Christina Carter was pretty hot!!! I mean here she is supposed to save Riley and at the end of the interview she say's it was a real turn-on to see Riley forced to have sex!!! That's crazy Man!!!

Apr 1, 2011

How hot is Maitresse Madeline? I mean those latex pants rock man! Maitresse has the greatest hips and ass, Yeah!!! I would like to know maitresse? Have you ever had any male or female submissives who were christians? I would be shocked if any have been. I hope to hear your answer! Oh! I really liked the Butt in the face shot on this segment that's really Hot!! Well thanks for reading my comment Madeline!! Your really Hot!!! 4-1-2011 signed RedRocker!!!

Divine Bitches