Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Feb 28, 2014

What a great round 4 - the second best after ariels loosing against syd! ;-) Izamar is a great puppy, and a awesome slave for Mistress Kara. Love the idea with the collar!!! Though I would like to see ariel collared and on her knees and getting worked over by slave izamar und Mistress Kara . . . :-) And would love to see kara on her knees and getting spoiled by ariel, izamar and bella rossi! Great job, ladies . . . thank you for that awesome work!

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 5, 2014

First: What a fantastic match! Loved to see ariel being fucked like that! Congrats Syd, you are the really Champ! And for the future, the next failure of slaveslutloser ariel ;-) I have an idea: She loses against Syd again or against Mistress Kara. And for her weakness and losing she should be gangbanged! These great Ladies, who have been watching the fight, work her over: Isis Love Dragonlily Mistress Kara Izamar Bella Wilde Bella Rossi Princess Donna Beretta James Syd Wenona The Loser's ordeal: She has to bring each of her dominators to orgasm at least once. Of course Syd and Isis squirt on her. Then loserslut ariel get's at least one orgasm from each of her mistresses! So she has to come at least ten times in a row, and of course she has to drink her own squirt as well! After she came the 10th time, slaveslut ariel get's pulled up by her hair, she get's blindfolded, a nice high posture collar around her awesome, marvelous neck, a big ringgag in her mouth (yes, i like her with a little double chin!!!), she get's her hands tied behind her back and tied to her collar: If she wants to losen her hands, she strangles herself. Then she get's fondled and caressed by her mistresses, a bit manhandled and of course some clover clamps on her great nipples! Then Mistress Kara puts a leash on the collar and leads slave ariel up to The Upper Floor, where she has her comeback as slave buffy, the one and only lesbian TUF-slave! The party is going on, and all the guests, not zu less!, are waiting for buffy! Slaveslut ariel has to make each woman at the party orgasm by licking them through her ringgag. And after each lady has come, every guest, every! brings slut ariel to orgasm at least once again! Every second orgasm she get's, has to come through anal play! After the loserslut can't come anymore and has squirted enough, she get's led out of the party and has to practise more, so that she doesn't lose anymore at US! What do you think about that scenario, loserslave ariel? ;-) Kindest regards and so deeply thank you for your awesome work, Ariel X!!!

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 1, 2013

Best pornshoot ever!!! Thank you to all four Ladies - and a new sub is born! No more Maitresse Madeline any longer, just the cockhungry fucktoy madeline! Next time she has to take it in her ass, and she needs her slaverings on her nipples again. Time for Training of O, madeline, and boundgangbangs! :-)

TS Pussy Hunters
Mar 15, 2012

It really was more like a normal gang bang - but nevertheless: I feel very sorry for Katja that she didn't feel very safe during the shoot. Thanks that she shooted the whole time - would love to see her more often at kink, cause she's very very hot! And: donna, seems that is time for you to be gang banged here again! Would love to see that, too!

Bound Gang Bangs
Aug 26, 2011

And again back to the roots . . . :-) Love seeing you as a sub, donna! What an amazing shoot!!! Really as horny as your dp/anal-shoot on SaS!!! Thank you! Looking so much forward to see you finally gangbanged here at hogtied - or anywhere else on the kink-sites!!! Think you need that experience in front of the camera as well, don't you, donna?LOL

Mar 26, 2011

BTW: Now, that the Domme Princess Donna is destroyed, she can be build up as Kink's new three-hole-whore, with a new name: the obedient fuck-slave d. (formaly known as Princess Donna) !!! LOL Again: Thank you sweetie for doing this shoot! What a blast!!!!

Sex And Submission
Mar 26, 2011

Why isn't there a vote better than "great!"??? :-) What an amazing shoot! Thank you donna for submitting so awesomely! One of the best kink-shoots ever!!! Seems that our princess-slut is warmed up now for public disgrace and a bondage gangbang! :-) Aren't you, donna???

Sex And Submission
Feb 20, 2010

Just have to agree totally! Think Maestro - though he seems to be a smart guy on TUF - just hasn't the class to be the head trainer at TTOO. Just beating and whipping and punishing a girl isn't all! There is a big lack of elegance, style and concept, I think. Perhaps he could be the available cock here and on TUF (and he really has a nice one and can stand long, it seems!) - but if he will become the head trainer here without James, my future will be only on TUF and not anylonger here at TTOO. That would be a pitty - espsecially with this awesome slut Holly Stevens - she does her best, I think, and what a chance it is to train here seriously into a little cockhungry slave, she has so much potenzial! Semms, that a chance has been neglected! What a pitty!

The Training Of O
Dec 20, 2008

There is a new hot star at kink's heaven!!! bella is so cute, hot, horny, awesome in this shoot - just wonderful amazing!!! Thx donna, thx bella for doing this shoot. One of the best not just at publicdisgrace, but on every kink-site so far! And please hire bella for your other sites as well - I'm sure, she would be an amazingly student at TTOO (perhaps not really that slutty like our princess-slut there, but nearly LOL!) And a nice whipped-ass-session with bella and two or three or four dommes (a litte gang-bang like the shoot with ariel x) would be fine as well, don't you think so? ;-) And of course, donna, please do a gang-bang-shoot here at pd with bella as well, woud love to see her serving like lorelei lee, devaun or bobbi ;-) And of course I would love to see you, donna, in such a shoot as well - of course as the party favour (claire could direct the shoot, couldn' she LOL) - when will this happen, honey? Please keep on doing such incredible work - love it! bye Thomas

Public Disgrace
Jul 10, 2008

What a perfect shoot! Please bring these nipples, lips, tongue and chin to TTOO!!! Training the ultimate Bondage-M.I.L.F. into the perfect cock-hungry M.I.L.F.-slaveslut!!! That would be awesome!!! Please!!!

Sex And Submission
Jun 6, 2008

Just again awesome! Great!!! Mega-Great! Thank you donna for the ideas, thanks devaun to show this unbelieveable show! Please bring that site to life, kink - but of course our ttoo-slave-slut-donna has to be one of these eight-men-whores as well ;-))) That would be the ultimative blast LOL Thanks, keep on doing such an incredible work, please!!! Great!

Public Disgrace
Jun 4, 2008

Awesome!!! Beside of slaveslut donna's first day at TTOO the absolut best kink-shoot ever!!!! Thanks Lorelei, thanks donna für bringing this fantasy to life!!!

Public Disgrace
Apr 7, 2006

What a shoot! I'm a new member and didn't see all the shoots till now - but so far: This is really absolutely the best!!! Dragonlily really is a great sub, and Mark does a fantastic job as well! Thx both of you!!!

Sex And Submission