Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Nov 29, 2011

Cabo was one of the best you have done. This is a close 2nd. Hope you keep doing these type. Hanging turkeys was the best ever.

Sep 2, 2005

The jacuzzi is the best you have ever done! The twisting and turning in and out above water and stretched out like that, wow if you could do them all that way. The point of the water has always been to watch then strugle (even if it's acting) that's the way to go!!!

Water Bondage
Nov 4, 2005

Is it just me, but I am seeing a real basic pattern here. Love that fact they are completely naked (no shoes or stocking) All I see is a willing girl, allowing herself to be tied up and then they have sex. There is so much potential here. We all know it's acting, so come on. I would like to see an abduction, tied completely naked, spread eagle on bed, played with for several orgasms and then have sex with her as is gagged and cries out. What would be so hard about that? You do things like that, you’ll have a member for life.

Sex And Submission