Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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May 29, 2009

a climbing gym and a drz400sm. i'm in heaven. ha! =)

Public Disgrace
Mar 25, 2008

I loved this shoot!

Water Bondage
Nov 10, 2007

ggj1313: we hear you, we are working on improving the comments system.

Water Bondage
Nov 9, 2007

I love this shoot!

Water Bondage
May 9, 2007

that guy in picture #15 is a freak

Behind Kink
Oct 27, 2002

No ,no. I like Peter's little chats - love his 'classless' pommy accent - and I think a nice cup of tea afterwards would be super.

Oct 2, 2002

Bit of controversy here, but I liked it quite a lot. I confess to not noticing the framed 'degrees' on the wall before: nice touch. But maybe they are really Peter's, as he must have done at least one to be admitted to a PhD?

Oct 3, 2002

Very nice, in my humble opinion - pink is a bit fussy? - but I agree with avon, a machine or two would have been the icing on the cake (or some such cliche).

Oct 3, 2002

Telios and I share a prediliction for high heels, and no doubt for babydoll too, but I think it would be hard to have these in Peter;s dungeon. If I might comment on sandman: the fact that you may have been involved in bdsm for a long time, does not make what you say right - that's called the 'argument from authority - lighten up man!