Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 4, 2015

I agree with Jeanvier12; prolapses are a definite turn-off. Fortunately, however, there was still plenty to enjoy with the remaining scenes between these two gorgeous models.

Everything Butt
Jan 21, 2015

An exceptionally great session! But what happened to the ZIP photo links?

Electro Sluts
Nov 18, 2014

Lovely. By the way, the ZIP download for the first photo set(Pretty Girls) is not working. However, the photos can be downloaded one at a time.

Whipped Ass
May 28, 2014

Agree with R1YAM; sexy and sensual beats circus extremes every time!

Everything Butt
Apr 16, 2014

Thanks for another visit from the exotically beautiful Ava Devine. Now, how about the EB return of DragonLily; her 2009 session with Aiden Starr remains my all-time favorite!

Everything Butt
Mar 24, 2014

I agree that kinky outfits (that are only gradually removed) add a lot to the appeal of your beautiful models. And Darling is one of the best.

Sex And Submission
Mar 19, 2014

Great to have two of your top models back! Agree that the number of photos has been reduced too drastically on this and other Kink sites.

Everything Butt
Sep 25, 2013

Let's keep the emphasis upon shapely butts, please. Just a personal point of view - I find extreme penetrations and prolapsing to be gross.

Everything Butt
Sep 11, 2013

Beautiful models, as always. Agree with legerdemaine that it would be great to see the ever-gorgeous Francesca Le on the receiving end, at least for one scene. Or, if she is not willing to do that anymore, let's at least get a few more lingering views of her lovely ass.

Everything Butt
Sep 3, 2013

Let's not start that tired hetero discussion again. However, I do agree that more "women of colour" of all types would add interest and variety. Does DragonLily only wrestle now? (She's still so fine!)

Everything Butt
Jul 30, 2013

Lovely ladies; arousing performances. Hope I never get so jaded as to think these models are anything less than superb. Syren, Cherry, and Krissy--you put the "L" in "MILF."

Everything Butt
May 5, 2013

Videos s02 and s03 are exactly the same.

Electro Sluts
Apr 2, 2013

A terrific shoot! Particularly like the contrast in skin tones between the models! One of your best!

Everything Butt
Apr 2, 2013

I find the prolapsing to be VERY unattractive - a super high "yuk!" factor! Other than that, however, the girls are lovely.

Everything Butt
Dec 31, 2012

I loved Isis' "uniform." Straight nudity can become relatively boring. Leather and vinyl outfits should always have a place on a site like this, to spice things up!

Wired Pussy