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Aug 20, 2010

How can anyone not love Bobbi Starr? Well . . . minority opinions are what makes us a democracy. However, I agree that "side shots" should be kept to a minimum in length, and just used to orient the viewer to the "big picture" as a lead-in to the close-up "money shots."

Whipped Ass
Aug 19, 2010

Fine model, as usual. Responding to darkghou: The reason many of us complain about the guys is that, for a long time, this site featured mainly FF, and is now mainly MF. Indeed, if EB agrees there should be "something for everybody" then we should get a mix of FF and MF scenes. Or, even better, a mix (MF-F and M-FF) to keep everyone happy! As a male heterosexual (as you proclaimed yourself), I like women. Lots of women.

Everything Butt
Aug 6, 2010

Agree someone should have called Beverly on the phone, but how could she have answered? Beautiful model. However, I agree that using a female dom such as Maitresse Madeleine, Isis Love, or Bobbi Starr instead of a male model would satisfy all of us homophobes who don't want any ugly male parts getting in the way. Doesn't have to be a lesbian scene - just the use of a female dom would be a great improvement.

Everything Butt
Jul 24, 2010

Please bring back this gorgeous woman! Thanks for a little ethnic diversity!

Device Bondage
Jul 24, 2010

I'd also like to see more racial variety in the models. Jada Fire, Dragonlily, Mika Tan, and similar veterans are probably available, if they don't mind the Device Bondage scenarios. Or find some fresh faces with variety in mind. Angel is terrific.

Device Bondage
Jun 25, 2010

Love the wiggle and shake! Female ass tease is my favorite thing. Still prefer girl-to-girl, though. (That would be a double shake.)

Everything Butt
Jun 15, 2010

Since we appear to be voting, cast mine for girl-girl! That's twice the tush for your money! The occasional guy is OK, but then have him working with TWO girls! As for this specific model--she's great. However, a little racial variety would also be a plus. How about Dragonlily or Jada Fire? Your 2010 shoots are looking mighty white.

Everything Butt
Jun 3, 2010

One of your finest models, across all your sites! And with a personality to match her great looks.

Wired Pussy
May 28, 2010

This is the stuff (no pun intended)! Two hot girls in lesbian butt action!

Everything Butt
May 21, 2010

I, too, prefer less male involvement. Nevertheless, as long as you keep plenty of focus on the rear ends of gorgeous women, I can put up with the annoying male body parts and will continue to subscribe. This site is beginning to look like Ass Parade (female ass tease, followed by male-on-female anal sex), which isn't all bad, but just not as good as it was.

Everything Butt
May 9, 2010

Kelly Divine has an absolutely stupendous ass, and Luscious Lopez isn't far "behind." maw888 reflects my feelings on this site precisely! More spanking, butt movement (walking, shaking, etc.), and imaginative positions for spankings and insertions!

Everything Butt
May 4, 2010

A great shoot. Even though I don't like male model participation either, there is still plenty here for me to enjoy. Something for everybody. By the way, I'd like to know Ambere Rayne's ass better than she does!

Everything Butt
Apr 20, 2010

Don't mind the repetition in models as terrific as these two! Agree, however, that male hardcore participation is not what most of us (probably) want to see here.

Everything Butt
Apr 3, 2010

Let's do this EVERY Friday!

The Upper Floor
Sep 15, 2009

I remember Debi Diamond for her past work; she has always been a lady who appears to greatly enjoy what she's doing. Great enthusiasm! And still a beautiful woman after all these years! By the way, Zip files 2 and 3 were not working. However, photos could be downloaded individually using the browser's "save image as" function.

Everything Butt