Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 10, 2005

Yes, a good series. Very real and very exciting. Thanks. :)

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Jan 5, 2005

There is not enough I can say about how hot Caroline Pierce is. I bet that her pussy is so good it would bring tears to anyones eyes. Its obvious that this woman was simply born to please man. Isis does not do much for me though and I am glad that Caroline is on the receiving end for the most part. Ive been mad over Caroline since back in the days when she got boned by Rodney Moore. You MUST get her on fucking machines-it would be a huge disservice to the customers if you dont.. Also, a scene on real fucking couples would be awesome. And you knew just how to shoot Caroline really well here cause she looks best with black pumps with no stockings and a short skirt. Awesome job, man.

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Sep 11, 2004


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Aug 25, 2004

2 unbelievably hot women-I would have really been brought to my knees looking at them if they wore some sexy heels-like pumps, or mules

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Jun 13, 2004

boring stuf, Can u Wake up me when it comes interesting?

Mar 22, 2004

OOOH YEAH, I love ass strap-on lesbians!!!

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