Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Apr 11, 2012

I was like Winston 89,wondering who was the attractive Red? Then I looked closer and said, Ohhhh! It's Maitresse M. I noticed Taylor Vixen said she was from Dallas,Tx. I was like WoW!!! I'm from Tx. Too!!! So I was wondering, what's a Texan from the Bible belt doing acting like that? I mean she's Hot and everything and I know we haven't seen her video yet, WoW!!! She's Got Guts!!! I'd like to know does she come from a Christian Family? I hope to receive your answer Maitresse M. By the way Maitresse, would you happen to know the phone number of the Foxy red head; Iona Grace!!! Thanks alot!!!

Whipped Ass
Dec 10, 2011

Hey! Iona, What's Up Girl? You are really tough! I mean to be suspended in the air,with the crossbar,that takes guts!! I also liked the scene where you grabbed your boobs and shook your hips!! Your really sexy!! Rain and Cherry are really tough as well!! Realisticly, Iona, your my favorite!!! If you wanna call me tonight at 11:00pm cst. or later, you can reach me at 254-217-3864 Iona,remember J.C.ROCKS!!!!!!