Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 22, 2010

As much as the kink, it's a special treat to see two people who are into each other the way Ms. Kim and Nomad are. All the scenes were terrific. Nomad fighting back tears in the end interview was something I wish wasn't edited out because, I suspect, of the shooting rules. Would have been nice to see that emotional release. As to the other great things about this shoot, everyone above has said it already. Looking forward to seeing both Ms. Kim and Nomad again, and I hope they can do more shoots together.

Divine Bitches
Mar 26, 2009

Poor Alan Smithee. Controversy follows him wherever he goes. :)

Device Bondage
Mar 17, 2009

Nice update. Cherry is beautiful. What was the neat safety-razor thing you used to shred her clothes in the first scene? Darn handy tool, I thought. :)

Oct 7, 2008

I'm glad Cyd brought Sarah Jane and Damon back to finish their scene. This one picked up close to where the last one left off. Even amidst all the positions and pain, my favorites parts are the little, quiet moments. When Sarah was on the ground, hurting from the TENS, the caning, and the position, Damon took a moment to slow down and whisper for her to 'let it go'. The change in Sarah's face and how she looked ready to go even further was something worth watching. Great shoot.

Device Bondage
Aug 5, 2008

Outstanding update. All three scenes were terrific. The 2nd was something new for me. I loved the chicken wire and how it looked against Trina's body, even as her body pressed against it as she breathed. Trina's pleasure/pain reactions to the dripping wax had a real charge, and the coating of wax at the end was surreal. Hearing Trina and Cyd talk about how removing the clamps on camera was not planned impressed me even more about how hard Trina likes to play. She was willing and wanted to go all the way to her safeword. I love that. Terrific setups and creativity Cyd. Please have Trina back soon.

Device Bondage
Jul 25, 2008

Circe does come across as an enigma. She looked to be into everything while going through it all in her own little world. I especially liked the first setup. The tie was pretty, and the stockings and the whole setup had a nice, sensual feel about it. The final setup where Cyd used the Wartenberg wheel was neat as well. After seeing the addition where Circe had to work off the excess tension, I'm going to give that one a second look. Great shoot. I hope Circe gets to come back again. I'd like to see Cyd try and draw her out to verbalize some of what's going on inside her head.

Device Bondage
Jul 3, 2008

Jade always arrives nervous, and I love watching her moving from nervousness to fear to pain to pleasure to humor then darting through them all again. In Samantha's first scene, the predicament Cyd constructed rates as near perfect: nowhere to go, pain in every sqirum, the TENS zapping away, and Samantha reacting so strongly to all of it. Samantha got it right; there were so many sensations that she couldn't think about any one of them. I'm not sure what to make of Matt's Hogtied invasion. It looked to have thrown a monkey wrench or two into things. Regardless, Jade's scene and especially Samantha's predicament scene would've gotten 5-stars from me as stand-alone updates.

Device Bondage
Jul 1, 2008

Terrific from beginning to end. With Sara Faye's subtle reactions, the soft creak of the leather straps, the occasional rattle of a chain, and almost no ambient noise from the building, I thought the near silent atmosphere added to all the scenes. I would've liked to have seen the clamps being removed at the end of the first scene, but caning the clamps on her pubic hair inspired some nice moans. I loved the modular hood in the second scene and how visible it made Sara's expression when Cyd blocked the holes for her nose and mouth and also allowed Sara to be blindfolded with such a neat look to it all. The third was a great finish. The pleasure/pain with the paddle and vibrator had Sara squirming pretty hard when she's so composed the rest of the time. Great scene. Great work from both Sara and Cyd.

Device Bondage
Jun 26, 2008

In the first two scenes, Alexa looked to be at the brink of safewording from the point Damon put on the blindfolds, and she looked close in the third when she was being caned. I wasn't able to see that she was into the scenes though. I like that sense of being at the limit, but it looked as though the entire shoot was at that limit without the interesting peaks and valleys which make the limits interesting. To me, it looked more like she was battling her way through the shoot without getting that wonderful rush that many of the other models who come to DB get. I did like the different set. I've seen it on other kink.com sites, but getting the DB lighting made it look much more dark and menacing. Overall though, this shoot wasn't one of my favorites.

Device Bondage
Jun 24, 2008

Lackluster by DB standards. As Cyd said in the description, both women seemed over their heads. Still, the second scene with the chopstick clamps and the little pail filled with rice was something which would be neat to see again.

Device Bondage
Jun 21, 2008

Again, the new interview format does a fantastic job setting things up, especially with how descriptive Rain was regarding what she likes and doesn't like. The first setup was great. I love the 'assembly' scenes as pieces get added and ramp the intensity/discomfort. Having her hair tied back so she's looking straight up and baring her throat is a favorite of mine. The rice 'padding' Cyd made in the second was really intense. I'd not realized how intense until I checked the pictures. I wish that shot of the rice impressions in her knees could have made it into the video. Pleasure/pain brought about by the sauce and the vacuum tube in the third was a great conclusion. Great job. Other bondage webmasters are silly people for not hiring Rain. She's terrific. Cyd's not bad either.

Device Bondage
Jun 17, 2008

Loved the third scene. The setup was great, and I loved the pace. With the clamps, nose hook (especially since Kylee had a cold), the straps, and the position made it interesting to just watch her struggle against it without anything else being done for a while. Adding the cane after the scene had settled in just made it better.

Device Bondage
Jun 16, 2008

The level of fun in this shoot is outrageous. Dana's talking with the gag ("I'm stuck. Stuck on a cock.") has me chuckling every time I think of it, and the banter between Dana and Lew in the tank is hilarious. This looked more fun than should be allowed. Even Dana was inspired to say "Wheeee!" two times. I'm sorry I discovered waterbondage after it'd been decided to stop making new shoots.

Water Bondage
Jun 16, 2008

I enjoyed Amber's exit interview and her saying that she was not eager to leave. James kept his promise to make a 'kinky Disneyland' for her on day 1. For me, I'm glad to see that she got enough out of it that it caused a few tears; that's a good thing and nothing to be embarrassed about. In general, the scenes weren't really my thing in this update, but Amber summarizing the experience made the update more than worthwhile. I'm not sure what to make of James's comment on feeling like the prisoner when the girls get to leave at the end of the week; I can see it being sad when someone like Amber leaves after an intense week, and I hope James continues to enjoy constructing them.

The Training Of O
Jun 12, 2008

Curse the power company for keeping Sarah Jane and Damon from completing their shoot, especially in the timing of the outage. Still, I loved the first scene. Using those thin canes on the hands where Sarah Jane could watch the blows as they were being struck was a neat idea, and I loved watching her reactions to being able to see and feel what was happening. What they were able to complete of the second scene was good as well. Getting a 'wow' out of Sarah Jane is quite the compliment to Damon, I think. The inflatable torso piece in Allessandra's first setup created a surreal element. I had to convince myself that her body was in there someplace. The second scene when Cyd 'freed' her was just mean. Great stuff. I hope Damon and Sarah Jane get to finish their shoot someday.

Device Bondage