Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Oct 14, 2008

Great to see somthing a bit different a few new ideas being put into pratice I rather liked seeing Alex impailing her self on those dildoes I nearly sain made to impail her self but there wasent realy any stoping her perhaps another time Lochai you should torment the girl by making her wait for the treat I shal be interested to see how yoyr style develops keep up the good work

Oct 8, 2008

After a couple of rather mediocre weeks Hogtied is realy back on track this time. Madison is a bright beautiful articulate girl who so enjoys sufering for us. What a joy she must be to her owner. So generous of him to share her. Great work Sarge the overall result more than makde up for any minor weaknesses

Sep 24, 2008

O dear O dear nothing but winging and whineing all the way through the shoot this was a disapoint ment after so many great shoots from the Hogtied team Yes Nika is great to look at and sarge tried realy hard but I was forced to turn down the sound in order to watch tis all the way through. I shant be down loading this set . Still there has to be a dissapointing shoot now and again it helps us apreciate the good ones. If Nika does come back then do use a gag big enough to keep her quiet! and then give her some treatment thats justfies the moaning and whining

Sep 10, 2008

What a wonderful follow up to and contrast with last weeks intense orgsmic shoot To start with a sexy strip followed by Charlotte restrained only by handcuffs and her ability to obey! exelent and then some simple but efective ropr work! this was one of those times when keeping it simple was just the right thing to do. Just one thing Charllote before you bring that wonderfull body back to suffer for us again go sunbathe nude get rid of those bikini marks but do come back. Great work Sarge

Jul 17, 2008

I have just rejoined Hogtied after a time away with Device Bondage what a shoot to come back to absolutly stuning, I would love to know how the Bondages were set up especially the one under that beam. Any chance of seeing how it was done

May 18, 2008

Exelent and imaginitve content but the sound is mufuled and the lighting dim I would like to be able to see the action more clearly

Device Bondage
Oct 23, 2007

Congratulations Matt youve done it again another wonderfull set with a stunning girl you certainly kept her of balance throught the shoot. I noticed that your camerman got the shakes a couple of times too his must be a miserable job I realy feel sorry for him! Ime going to have to leave you all for a while but keep up the good work untill I return

Oct 16, 2007

Darling is one tough bird and once you got rid of those schoolgirl socks looked realy great. A great session she realy suffered and the reward was orgasm after orgasm How are you going to follow that ?

Sep 11, 2007

I can understand what Mick782 is saying but in spite of that there was magic in this set and I really enjoyed my first viewing of it. It would be great to see kylie back for one of your non stop shoots, one in which she is not allowed her own way so much. Is Sargent Major a secret old softy?. If so he usually keeps it well hidden! or is the secret of the mask that their is more than one Sarge ? got to be worth a 4 for the girl alone. going to watch it again now goodby

Sep 5, 2007

Good to see you back Matt with new ideas and positions must be difficult to keep fresh, one tip! get a stronger stick and try that again. As for Bianca great girl I hope she appreciated your efforts on her behalf, at the end she was all orgasm ed out ! great, bring her back do it all again bigger and better