Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 8, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS!!! TO DOCTORROSEN! YOU HAVE WON 3 EXCITING PRIZES! for posting the most comments on any one given Kink site! GO IMMEDIATELY to the "WHIPPED ASS" site to receive 15 FREE LASHES by Kink's dominatrix! THEN, if your able, hobble over to "ELECTRO SLUTS" to have electrodes attached to your private parts! How exciting! FINALLY, make the journey back to the "EVERYTHING BUTT" site for a complimentary deep cleansing enema! All to show you our appreciation for your enthusiastic patronage.

Everything Butt
Jan 2, 2013

Jessie Rogers really is "The Bardot of Kink" just like CyPh1 said back on "Sex and Submission." And all of us are privileged to be able to watch and enjoy such a beautiful woman act out her fantasies on camera. I rest my case.

Hardcore Gangbang
Dec 29, 2012

Just got around to diggin' this shoot up out of the KInk archives and what a great surprise! Got one question for Mark Davis though: How were you able to climax with those old, biker geezers watchin' ya?

Public Disgrace
Dec 27, 2012

Ftyujm, too bad for who? Hasn't any of Spider59's politeness rubbed of on ya at all?

Everything Butt
Dec 25, 2012

Spider 59, I'm way down here but, I hear ya! Aw, Doctorrosen, what, didn't Santa bring you what you wanted for Christmas?

Everything Butt
Dec 19, 2012

Princess Donna, where do you find these cute girls?!!! Marica Hase is a beautiful little lotus blossom without a doubt. And you took such unbridled advantage of her. I'll never look at the sexy oriental girl that waits on me at my favorite Asian restaurant the same again! The next time I go, maybe I'll get lucky and she'll put her phone number in my fortune cookie!

Hardcore Gangbang
Dec 15, 2012

Thank you Spider59! you took the words right outta my mouth!

The Training Of O
Dec 11, 2012


Everything Butt
Dec 11, 2012

Whoa! hold your horses Edweirdo! Take a deep breath and calm down. I can't help it, the heat and beauty from this shoot jumps right off the screen! My iPhone is scorching and that's just looking at the pictures! Whew!!! I'm wiping the sweat from my forehead as I get ready to start the movie. EMS standby!

Everything Butt
Dec 8, 2012

Ftyujm, you're a party pooper!

Sex And Submission
Dec 8, 2012

Wow! triple whammy! No, quadruple whammy! Riley Evans on my left, Chanel Preston on my right, girl x behind me giving me a shoulder rub, and Jessie Rogers front and center. I'm smothered in gorgeousness! A veritable feast for the senses! Oh! and Doctorrosen above me and Mark Davis at my feet, not! As soon as my fantasy ends, I'm gonna watch this Feature. Promise!

Sex And Submission
Nov 30, 2012

What did I do to deserve you three lovely ladies? Really!!! Well, I did give some money to a homeless person the other day and I changed a burned out lightbulb for my mom. I guess things work in mysterious ways. I'm just gonna prop my feet up and enjoy.

Whipped Ass
Nov 29, 2012

Vikm, Spider59, Azonespeeder, Kinkylover2012, Araceli21, and Vengents, I concur! Oh noooo Dragonjess, stupid thing to say!

Bound Gang Bangs
Nov 26, 2012

MELODY JORDAN and CHANEL PRESTON are wacky weed smokin' HOT! WORTH EVERY KINK and then some. I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE IT! Okay, I'm in love with Chanel Preston; so what?

Electro Sluts
Nov 9, 2012

Lyla Storm, I'm so in love with you but promise me you won't ever show me that "wrinkled grandma hinnie" again, ok!

Device Bondage