Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jun 3, 2012

for some reason, i can only watch certain porn vids. maybe I am shallow but the actresses must be extremely attractive for me to get off on them (aside from the obvious inclusion of bondage. with that said....all the women in this feature (and pretty much every model on kink) is so fucking sexy and beautiful, especially in their surrendering of power. I didn't mean to explain all of that but i feel like this warranted more than just a single compliment. I love this vid. Matt....I feel like you and I could be best friends because I truly appreciate everything you do whether you direct, co-star, or even just have an idea. There is not a second in this movie that I am not as hard as steel. Thank you Matt!! P.S. Isis love is so beautiful and sexy that just from seeing her try Ava Devine's outfits i could have just busted my nut...especially with that ass of hers.

Mar 22, 2012

she's hot and that's such a perfect position