Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 20, 2012

Gods this one is fantastic! Jay I'm sure I saw you sitting on the sidelines of an Ultimate Surrender bout and thought to myself, "Damn! I wish THAT one was rolling around in the ring." I guess dreams really DO come true, huh?

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Jul 13, 2011

+1 to everything Bomaya said.

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Jun 16, 2011

Meh. Next year, put some pointy ears on some skinny/lithe girls like Amber Rayne or Calico and have them sweat and slave in Santa's workshop or prance around in snow (I know, California) with bells on and some of those antler headbands you can get at Wal-mart or Target.

Sex And Submission
Jun 16, 2011

Fantastic! Calico is awesome and suffers beautifully. That Cherry is a joy to watch just goes without saying. I'd love to see these two together again, maybe add Krysta Kaos. Calico I'd like to see on on BGB.

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Dec 9, 2010

Cute model. Would have loved to see her in something more brutal, but hey, its the early years, I understand. Pics are way hotter than the video. If she'd just stop mooing in the vid it would have improved it a lot.

Mar 4, 2010

I'd love to see the juice this girl squirts caught in a cup and then fed to her.

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