Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 16, 2014

Great shoot!!!! Love Bella, Pax & the very HOT guests were the best!

The Upper Floor
Jan 14, 2014

One of the best scenes on TUF ever in my opinion! Love Veronica! Always loved Holly. Much rather watch these incredibly sexy MILFs than the a lot of the younger girls who are so much more clueless. More MILFs!

The Upper Floor
Apr 25, 2013

Fucking crazy great! All three women were terrific!

The Upper Floor
Apr 9, 2013

Missed opportunity. Lots of great action, especially among the guests - always the best part of TUF - but it seemed like the editor had ADD. Never stayed with a subject long enough and jumped around way too much. Result was more of an a Trailer than the authentic storytelling Kink is great at.

The Upper Floor
Apr 3, 2013

One of the best ever, for sure. Great from beginning to end, love all the guest participation and is Penny Barber the HOTTEST woman on the planet or what! Many more like it!

The Upper Floor
Mar 10, 2013

Certainly one of the best ever! Bella was amazing, as always. Lots of great guest action - never get enough of that. Some fun CBT for a little change of pace. Just great stuff from beginning to end!

The Upper Floor
Feb 24, 2013

Terrific stuff! Enjoyed the action with the guests and Bella, O & Dylan are great.

The Upper Floor
Feb 18, 2013

Great shoot! Been gone from TUF for more than a year but back for one reason....BELLA!!!....the HOTTEST woman on the planet. So glad she & Mr. Mogul are back.

The Upper Floor
May 22, 2012

Just a stunning shoot from begining to end!

Public Disgrace
Mar 3, 2012

Terrific shoot! Ash was great. Loved the focus on the guest. Would like to see more time on guest's play. Only complaint is jumped around little too much at times.

The Upper Floor
Feb 1, 2012

Good God, Iona is soooo HOT!

The Upper Floor
Jan 29, 2012

Should be a rating higher than Great. Love these parties - the reason I keep renewing. Maybe best yet - seems like more guest participation than ever. Never get enough of that. You can see beautiful models all over the web but TUF is the only place where see real people doing this stuff. And added bonus of Mistress Winter! EVERYTHING she does makes my dick hard! Keep it up.

The Upper Floor
Jan 22, 2012

Super video. Madison & Ariel are so HOT!

Behind Kink
Jan 18, 2012

Terrific show. As amazing as the pros are I'd like to see more "civilians". They make it far more interesting as far as I'm concerned.

The Upper Floor
Dec 31, 2011

Beretta is a SUPERSTAR! Love to see more of her. Hottest thing in a long, long time.

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