Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Jan 9, 2014

Another really good scene, great acting & really attractive models. Well done. I love the naked prisoner themes & this is a great variation on the genre. Excellent.

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Jan 3, 2014

I loved this from start to finish, but especially loved the girls being abandoned naked in the middle of the desert. How about a sequel where they get picked up by a passing motorist & then....well, you can guess the rest. Well done.

Sex And Submission
Oct 30, 2011

The best I've ever seen, anywhere!! Love the scenes of the gilrs being marched through the woods & the scenes of them post-tied blows you away. I'd like to see some more "What are you going to do to us" dialogue & "Please let us go". Would love to see them staked out on the ground. Also please give it a clean cut ending, say the girls abandoned & naked (tied up of course) at the side of the highway for a passing motorist to find!! More of this please & well done. Excellent. Superb acting by the girls too, they're good sports for wandering around the forest naked like this!!

Oct 26, 2011

Love the whole story-line. The idea of her being grabbed, stripped & ravished in front of her husband is such a turn-on. Love the part where she's tied up right in front of his eyes & then banged; awesome. I love these scenarios where there is a storyline rather than the fait-accompli of a girl being banged. Excellent stuff.

Bound Gang Bangs
Oct 23, 2011

Outstanding storyline. I love kidnap fantasies & the idea of the husband seeing his wife subjected to such treatment is a real turn-on. Moe kidnapping fantasies for me please!! You are to be congratulated on the quality of this site & the acting skills. Alysa is outstanding & a real trooper. No problem with her breasts for me, her down to earth qualities are ideal for the housewife kidnapping scenario. Well done all round.

Bound Gang Bangs