Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Mar 23, 2014

Another outstanding performance from Milcah. She is responsive, articulate, even under the toughest of conditions - loved the chains and rocks scene. I can't think of too many other persons who could endure that and speak at the same time. Milcah is one of a kind person. Congratulations on enduring some very difficult stuff and still being wonderfully erotic at the same time!!

The Training Of O
Mar 19, 2014

My first time on this site, what a fantastic one it was too. Milcah was a joy to watch. In addition to being beautiful, sexy, she was friendly, and compliant with orders given by the audience. She did magnificently for someone who's a bit shy and watching her become more relaxed and wanton as time went on was very erotic. Some her charm was her innocence at some of the things she didn't quite get right or understand, because she was being totally blown away by the amount of stimulation she was getting. Those made me chuckle, in a good way Milcah, in case you're reading this. You were a delight and clearly the audience thought so too by their interactions with you. Another fantastic shoot with Milcah! Well done young lady

Public Disgrace
Mar 18, 2014

It's been awhile since I visited this site and have to admit that my main reason for doing so was Miss Milcah. Ok, I'm a Milcah fan, so sue me!! For a novice she was suprisingly quick, as her opponent found out. She kept evading every move that was put on her. A tough match given how strong her opponent was. I have to admit I was thoroughly engaged in the match completely. Congrats to Milcah on her victory and in round 4 she showed everyone, especially the loser, what a bad ass she can be. Opponents underestimate this woman at their peril! Well done Milcah!!!

Ultimate Surrender
Mar 18, 2014

This shoot, utterly fantastic. Miss Milcah shows how despite her innocent looks, and natural beauty, is a strong and very tough woman. She took some very challenging and difficult positions throughout the shoot. The iron bar confinement, being snaked inbetween those rungs, looked very hard especially on the legs/knees. The on all fours position, which to some may seem easy enough, soon gets challenging on the back and knees, let alone having an high intensity butt plug in you, giving shocks of greater voltage, especially when Orlando pushed her to take a much higher setting. Milcah's responses were beautiful to behold. She holds nothing back and it's wonderfully erotic to watch both her ability to endure as well as her orgasms. Overall a fantastic shoot and that had creativity, challenges, and erotic torment of a beautiful young woman. Milcah is a joy to watch and I hope it isn't too long before she returns to shoot on this site again!

Device Bondage
Mar 18, 2014

Wow! What an amazing scene. Felony & Milcah make a great partnership. Felony pushing harder and harder to see how far she could take Milcah, and Milcah just drinking it in and absorbing more and more. Felony also getting off on how much punishment Milcah could take was mesmerising to watch. Intense, hot, and utterly erotic. Milcah is an amazing person! I hope it isn't too long before these two do another scene. I'd definitely pay to see it!

Whipped Ass
Mar 18, 2014

Fantastic shoot. Miss Milcah is an amazing and responsive person, but in situations that would challenge seasoned professionals!! You two work well together. You almost seem to push one another as to how far to take it - which is hot. Miss Milcah is AWESOME!!!!

Sadistic Rope
Dec 15, 2006

I have admired Crimson Ninja on Ultimate Surrender and she is truly a beautiful young lady, as well as a very skilled and tenacious wrestler. She was fabulous in this shoot and submitted very well to all that was asked of her, without any complaint - considering it was her first bondage shoot. Well done Ninja and I hope it isn't too long before we see you on here again. You're worth the monthly subscription!