Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 2, 2011

Skin is simply magnificent. What I love about this shoot is her proud stance as her frame is stretched while the cameras snap. Skin KNOWS she is irresistible spread eagled with sweat dripping from her armpits. Her face is defiantly full of pride with how she looks as she hangs stretched out for us to relish. WHAT A WOMAN!!!!! Speaking for myself, I will buy every future shoot of her if they continue on this level.

May 17, 2011

"Mark our words, this girl will attain the popularity of a Bobbie Starr or Sasha Grey, both of whom started their early porn careers on Hogtied." Simply stated, it just doesn't get any better than this shoot. What do you do for an encore??? Maybe Part 2 will show us. Orlando's unrelenting attention to this incredible model is priceless. Many viewers of Kink.com sites have commented they REALLY enjoy seeing girls sweat under the luscious madness of torture and pleasure. In this regard, Skin Diamond joins several other actresses whose beautiful, soaking wet stretched armpits gleam with rivers of sweat streaming down their panting torsos, such as your own Smokie Flame and Seda. http://www.kinkondemand.com/kod/scenes.jsp?shootId=4992 http://www.kinkondemand.com/kod/shoot/8124-Seda.html PLEASE bring back Skin for more shoots, and make it a point to punish her like Orlando did until her body is gleaming in sweat. You compare Skin to Sasha Grey (great comparison) and I would compare her to Marie Luv, but NEITHER of these two incredible girls gets sweaty under extreme pain or pleasure -- and Skin does!!! Your viewers love it. I asked above what you do for an encore after this amazing shoot? Maybe a repeat of the tilted Smokie Flame shoot referenced above. Or even better, tie Skin down to a wood floor on her back, spread-eagled, so her limbs are stretched to the point of agony in an X. Clothes-pin her nipples, then whip her chest, telling her she gets nothing between her legs until they both fall off. After they do, vibrate her clit, but tell her she must keep both shoulders and her back well off the floor, or the vibrator is removed! If that doesn't make her taut beautiful armpits run like rivers, pinch her nipples until they do. I hope you will shoot this scene. A similar one with Caddy Compson, another soaking wet armpit beauty, is on Strict Restraint. http://img42.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=64819_STR_123_466lo.jpg PLEASE -- MORE of both Orlando and Skin Diamond!!!

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