Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Nov 28, 2006

Matt - I'm impressed. It was very kind of you to push through to the end of that one scene. It was obvious from her eyes at the very start that she was not remotely ready for this - and you obviously knew it from the start too. Perhaps in a boyfriend relationship she might get there over time, or after a lot more experience in front of the camera with other stuff. I got the strong impression she simply doesn't have much kink in her, and it really didn't do it for her. And wisely, you both acknowledged that and move on.

Jul 11, 2005

I enjoyed this shoot as a nice break from the high intensity level of the rest of the shoots. It was clear the chemistry was not there for Matt-and he tried his best to maintain interest-but it was clear he had a hard time flowing with the energy-probably because he was being so damn careful not to push her too hard! The slowing of the pace allowed the camera to linger on her predicament-which was great-but that does bring down the sexual tension a lot. I have to laugh about Matt's comment in the synopsis-toning it down many levels. Let's see-she got tied in multiple uncomfortable positions-had lots of nipple torture-had her pussy flogged-had her ass flogged-endured multiple vibrator sessions, and of course got fucked with dildo in her mouth and pussy. Seems pretty intense too me! This was still a hardcore scene-it only really lacked a strenuous hogtie to be harcore bondage. Keep up the variety-even if it isn't always on purpose-like this one.

Jul 4, 2005

I watched this because I love predicament bondage-and especially that associated with electricity. But the model clearly wasn't into it. Peter seems to be treating her almost like specimen in an experiment-which might be fun if there was a whole scenario set around that. This almost seems like a practice session before doing the real thing. Keep up the experimentation. Someone mentioned a comment session at the end-looks like it has now been taken off the site. Even the model is saying "that sucked"-please put it back up. Would be nice, actually to have a post-session interview when the session clearly wasn't working for the girl, have the girl honestly discuss that. Not every session can be perfect. 5-for ingenuity, 3-for execution, 2 for sexiness.

Jul 5, 2005

Matt and Vendetta-Thank you both for a delightful entertainment (over a delicious steak dinner with an amazing Merlot...). Vendetta your evolution over the course of the shoot was beautiful to watch. You revealed yourself to us, watching, and perhaps, to yourself, experiencing. You started, nervous, furtively looking into the camera, and then, eyes closed, spent most of the shoot working deep inside to be with what was happening to you. I love eyes-but this was much more intimate having your eyes closed-seeing that an intense inner dialog is going. Matt-a bravura performance topping her-and one of the most sensitive I've watched you do-realizing that with Vendetta it made sense to keep your toppy patter to a minimum while you just let her deal in quiet. The pussy suspension with the brown strap was fun-and really made want to wait until the end of the 3 minutes-did you edit it down because she just couldn't make it? I'd love to see the end of that scene-even if she broke. The single arm suspension was genius-and with her obviously strong build-good for you for sensing she could take it. I don't know if you were using a different cameraman here, but clearly Vendetta was less distracted by the shooting than most models. For my taste-I'd much rather have the experience be like this one-more a voyeur-than being constantly reminded a camera is working. Matt-many great ideas here to use with the women I play with. Thanks again to both of you.