Bonus Update Divine Bitches Gorgeous Big Tit Blonde Takes on Dweeby Male Mixed Wrestling
Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Aug 5, 2009

i have always LOVED "whip or tickle?". so much fun and she squeals wonderfully. plus i have a thing for tight little brunettes with perky butts...loved this!

Device Bondage
May 22, 2009

Can you rate higher then great?! i LOVED this shoot! seriously. while it may be a lil different then most of the updates, i have to say the change of pace *really* worked for me. the orgasm-mobile, darling gushing, kristine's ability to cum on command (her Master trained her well) their bodies covered in a fine film sweat as they came and came....and came some more. this was a top-notch update. keep up the good work lochai! oh and it was nice to see lew in action, you two looked like you had alot of fun together :)

May 19, 2009

that corin is scrumptious! seriously. good looking AND a BIG cock....does it get any better? thats some good stuff there.

TS Seduction
Apr 27, 2009

i couldn't agree more SASbushy! sabrina and i are very close friends off camera, and i love working with people i know on a personal level. when you know how somebody's body reacts, you know what they like and what works for them, i can't help but feel you make hotter content then if you are put together with someone you just met for the 1st time that day.. plus i got to eat sabrina's pussy. which automatically makes it a good day! lol.

Wired Pussy
Apr 19, 2009

i love this girl!! she is a keeper and i can't wait to see what lochai would do to her in a full length HT shoot. bring her back for more! :) PS-has anyone seen her behind kink piece? words fail me. she made me cry.

Mar 31, 2009

that's my girl! wow. dia is such a trooper, so tough and sexy at the same time. her energy with mark davis is off the charts. and i don't mind seeing the same faces in the audience, i can only hope i get to be an audience member myself some day...i would be happy to lend a tongue, (or finger. or hand.) as needed!

Public Disgrace
Mar 31, 2009

i had so much fun on this shoot! (of course, anytime someone sucks my toes i am a happy camper. lol) india is smoking hot, and SUCH a dirty girl. i need to shop at stormy leather more often...the looks on people's faces when they walked into the store and saw what was going on was priceless!

Public Disgrace
Jan 2, 2009

thats my girl! go kristine. to those that thought this was too slow, have faith. kristine is submissive as hell, a raging painslut, and loves it up the booty-what's not to like? plus she is a skinny brunette with small perky tits. melt. sigh. my personal favorite type of girl.

The Training Of O
Jun 24, 2008

i actually DID believe that Princess Donna was going to send me home, she totally convinced me (you try not moving when someone is zapping you with a cattleprod, it is nigh impossible)and yes, i was scared out of my mind, but it was the good kind of fluttery "what is this evil woman going to do next?" scared. in answer to your question stacyp, i do know Princess Donna outside of work and i am happy to report that she is just as much fun off camera :) as for frants, i am sorry you didn't feel i suffered enough. believe me, if you had gone though what i did, you would be feeling it. Princess Donna is tough! i had a blast and can't wait to come back and do it again.. xoxo rain degre

Wired Pussy
Jun 23, 2008

i wanted to thank everybody for their nice comments and support, particularly in regards to my tattoo. i had an amazing time doing this shoot (even tho my knees were so sore from that darn rice that it hurt to kneel for the next week...needless to say this made BJs a test of endurance and willpower) i hope to come back soon! xoxo rain degre

Device Bondage