Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Apr 17, 2007

BRAVO! At long last we get to see a WOMAN instead of a girl. I think Kylie is one of the most beautiful models you have had in a looong time! Please bring her back, if not to Hogtied then to one of your other sites.

Oct 14, 2006

BRAVO! for a first time Whitney showed a lot of potential. Very nice body, GREAT breasts, and lovely pussy. Hope to see more of her either here or other sites

Sep 21, 2006

Fantestical!! Leilani is a beautiful young women. Her reactions are most enticing. I love her natural lactating breasts! Bigger is NOT always better! I heard her say "that makes one of us" when you compliment her nipples. Please, Leilani, your nipples are WONDERFUL! They are a delite to behold. Hope to see more of her here and on other sites. Leilani and Marc... WOW!

Nov 14, 2006

WOMBDERFUL!! Gen you are terrific. Gorgeous bod and great facial expressions. Great work Matt! I never tire of watching a womens face while she cums. More so when the orgasms are forced. Hope to see more of Gen here and on the other sites.

Jul 3, 2006

a little late but here goes. I like all 3 ladies but I LOVE Missy. She is so fresh and natural, large natural breasts wonderful skin and expressive face, all together a knock-out. I got a "thing" for short blond hair too. And she takes it up the ass like a pro!!! Please tell me she will be visiting other sites.

Fucking Machines
Jun 22, 2006

Very Nice! I like the bi-racial mix once in a while. JR has a great build. Take your shirt off sooner! Great contrast, black cock in pink pussey / ass. Haley is beautiful. Expressive eyes. I like the cage. Nice touch with the suspension! I would love to see a tag team match with JR. / Mark and either Darling or Lorelie. Or maybe all four!!

Sex And Submission
May 19, 2006

FANFUCKINGTACTIC!!!!! Miss Julie you are awesome! "this one time, at band camp..." love it. The one thing I like the most about any shoot on any site is a REAL ORGASMIC scene. YES WE CAN TELL! One hilight I love about this one is near the begining we watch her nipples grow erect while being gently caned. Superior!! WANT MORE.

Fucking Machines
May 10, 2006

OUT FUCKING STANDING!!! Jasmine has surpassed herself. An eleven min. tease before cumming has to be a new record. Well done phantom!

Men In Pain
Apr 17, 2006

allow me to log in on the Hogtied chat room. As a long time viewer I have to say that I'm glad to see you trying to make something a little different. Content wise I think of it as a work in progess. I like some of the little touches, like the book titles the ladies are reading etc. Overall it was fun to watch but could use a little refinement hear and there. More orgasms for Darling! Less gags, We like to hear them moan. I'm sure it must have been quite trying to shoot under the restraints of the location. byw I loved the orgasm/ fireworks scene. If that was staged it was brillient! If not,it was great anyway. lok foward to the next episode.

Mar 10, 2006

GREAT SHOOT! Sarah is a true classic beauty. Quivering orgasms are HOT! Just an idea for the large acylic dildo, try a RIBBED condom. May be better for the model and would give a better visual reference to the scene. Best use of a pussy vac I've seen. First time I've seen a model get off with vacuum alone. Liked the new set also.

Fucking Machines
Mar 3, 2006

BRAVO! beautiful model, fantastic tits, wonderful expressivness. 9.8 out of 10. Since Darling enjoys tit tie so much why not treat her to a pure breast suspension? The last scene was a natural for a momemtary free hang, a la INSEX. Good work!

Apr 26, 2005

Well I'm underwelmed. Latex is a genre I find rather limited. It's the T & A that holds my interest. BDSM is nice also but you usually get them NEKKID for best effect. Overall I'd say these shoots could just as well be added to Hogtied and save the bandwidth

Kink.com Test Shoots
Jan 7, 2004

since she didn't float, it proves she isn't a witch. Right?

Oct 30, 2003

BRAVO! I give you 98/100! Sierra is a very sensuous,beautiful lady! Her breasts leave me speachless. You only missed a perfect score by not having a free tit suspension! Even momentary hanging will be out of this world! The oily floor work was inspired. So close! Please try one more time!

Oct 11, 2003

This is one of the best shoots you have had for a long time! The nipple suction and tying are VERY exciting, (hint) next time try putting a little spit on the inside of the tubes so you don't get the "fogged" effect. The model is first rate, great bod, fab tits, and expressive! Its hardly worth the time if there is little or no reaction from the model. Might as well be doing a "real Doll". BIG Wish, more breast binding with maybe a free tit hanging!