Hogtied - Inescapable Bondage and Brutal Orgasms

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Dec 6, 2005

I'm not especially turned on by the latex aspect, they're just clothes to me. But, nothing you do is shoddy, so "nice work" is deserved by all. There are many comments I would endorse, but two expecially stand out. First, I hope you will consider the idea of a 'gold card' sort of subscription option with one price, one password and one logon for, say, three or four sites. I bet you'd have many subscribers who would pay something more than a single subscription but can't afford 3 or 4 individual subscriptions, Second, do, please do, look into and adopt a quicktime format. Another bet - you have lots of subscribers who'd like to link the downloaded segments with iMovie. Again, "good work" to all of you.

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Jul 18, 2005

I like it so far. Love the concept and ypu've made a oood start. Agree with requests for more anal, more close ups of face, body. genitalia... Also cast my vote for some kind of site to site transfer for added fee but at bargain rates... Did I say, more anal, please?

Sex And Submission
Mar 3, 2005

I appreciate the models and the work that goes into this production but I, too, find it boring. I'm glad that some folks like it but its not what I lke. So, why such hostility: A.D.D. ? Lacking intelligence? Remember friends, we've got enough people working hard to destroy our right to enjoy our preferences; do we also need to attack each other because we each enjoy different things?

Jul 15, 2004

great Kassy, implicitly sassy; I echocthe compliment to Matt; please, more anal sex.

Apr 21, 2004

wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful... more Jasmine please